Hot Mess

That is the best word that can describe me right now. I can’t focus on anything. On my blog, on cleaning the house, cooking, fixing this house to sell…I could say, I’m not getting enough sleep, but I do. My sweet baby loves his sleep as much as I do. So why can’t I snap out of it? I think vacation made it worst!

Babe says I’ve gotten used to not doing these things and that I just need to push through and start again. Hmm… I think he may be right.

I have been keeping up working on my patience, but I feel as if it’s 2 steps forward, 1 step back. I am improving, I hope. I must admit, it seems to me like the boys are testing my patience to see how far they can push. More my 4 year old. So, he has had privileges taken away.


This has to be a priority… Fixing and de-cluttering, to sell this house. I was working on it, until I couldn’t work anymore (due to pregnancy) and today I started up again.

Problem is that I can’t do everything I want every single day… Or can I?

Homeschooling, blogging, fixing & de-cluttering the house, blog battle, and whatever else it is I want to work on like working out on top of all of the other things I must do.



This is our walk-in closet. It has been full of clothes, mostly jackets(Babes’), for years. I tried to get my dear Babe to de-clutter but to no avail.


On top of what is in the closet photo and  the big pile on the right, that is what Babe is keeping. The little pile on the left is what we can donate. Three jackets… We only have 10 million more. Arg!

Although I spent hours messing with the closet, I still am not finished, but I’m hoping I will soon. I need to empty it, fix and paint the walls to make it nice to sell.

I was able to make a pile of donations which included; clothes, a medical sling and other things I don’t know the name of, some Knick-knacks and shoes…


The shoes on the left, I decided to keep. The ones in the middle, I’ve had for 12 years from when I entered the Miss NY USA pageant and the pair on the right: which I thought I already got rid of. None of them fit, but the pair on the left, my right foot fits, but my left does not. It could be from swelling, so they get one more chance.

What would you do if you were in my place? Get rid of all shoes? Or would you keep them?

Buuuuuut it is late, and I have to get up early… Here is a piece of hunkness…


good night!


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