Life is a Vacation

It has been one busy week, but a lot of milestones for my sweet cookie. He has laughed, started to grab, squeak his toy, and he plays little games with us.


He also made a new friend with his reflection. He has laughed and cried with his new friend and it’s absolutely adorable.


We went on another adventure, this time to Buckhorn park. We had a ton of fun looking at flowers,  fish in the water, beautiful birds…


We also ended up taking dogwood ticks out of our dog and my Munchkin. Luckily, babe got them out in tact.


We also went to our first baseball game as a family. It was super fun!


We’ve gone to dinner at a friends, dinner at Papa’s, ice cream at the park, day at the library, Star Wars party and multiple trips to the playground. Today, we went to the cottage where we collected tons of beach glass.


It has truly been a great week. I am hoping that the rest of our summer is full of fun and family time.

What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer?


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