Love is not Irritable

I didn’t realize that I didn’t post, but it’s a good thing! Instead of taking each Love Dare as an every day thing. I have been taking my time, learning to to catch myself when I am upset and thinking “love is patient, love is kind, love is not irritable.” That way, I can take what I’ve learned and be patient, be kind and remember that I need to treat my children the way I would like to be treated so that they treat others the same.

As I read more into the Love Dare, I realize how much more I need to work on my parenting skills.

I tend to tell my children “you should know better”. Thinking about it, I feel bad now that I say this because we all know better for the most part, but it doesn’t stop us from making mistakes.

As adults, we sometimes judge others, disrespect another person, sleep-in when we know we shouldn’t, or do something that we obviously “should know better” about. So, if I can make mistake after mistake, how can I expect children not to? They are not robots, WE ARE NOT PERFECT.

I’ve been “homeschooling” my boys, so being with them 24 hours a day is exhausting. Some days I have felt that I am constantly scolding them for doing things that they should be doing, being kids. So I realized that I just am not taking time to do things for myself. So, I have been doing little things to regain my balance. I am doing little workouts while entertaining my baby…


I also purchased this play matt because I realized that he wants to play and I didn’t have any baby toys! Bad Mommy! Anyway, I can do squats, push-ups, planks, little exercises which he finds hilarious. Also, I’ve been going to the store alone. It is crazy how nice it is to go alone.

Also, the boys have been going to Papa’s house for little bits. And going outside. Babe has been working out after work also. So just a little time for yourself does wonders!

The tone has been definitely more relaxed around here. We have been doing something fun EVERYDAY! Why not?

We go to the playground,  go to the library, eat outside, play with story dice, read together, go for walks, hikes, picnic in the park. Have friends over for cookouts and Started Wars Movie nights!  Those are free things we do!


I also went on a date with my babe. We had the baby, but he’s so chill that it’s nice to bring him along.

And my Doodle made breakfast with Daddy this morning. Frankie’s  Strawberry Sunday, yes, there is ice cream in it!


It has been great so far!

What are some things you do together as a family?

What are some things you for yourself to keep balance?


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