Cool for the Summer

“Mommy, I want a that hair cut.” I look over to see a little boy running around with a Mohawk. Not thinking about it, said… “well let’s see what Daddy says”. I figured he would say ‘no’.

But Daddy said, “I wanted to get one when I was little, but mom wouldn’t let me.” So, I said…”it’s only hair”. So today, Daddy whipped out the clippers and buzzed their sides…


And there they are… my beautiful boys, loving their hair cuts. Baby I’d just sporting his natural hair line.

Now I need to do something to my hair so I can be cool for the summer.

How about you? Are you cool for the summer?


One thought on “Cool for the Summer

  1. Awwww very handsome! Its so nice to have fancy haircuts once in a while. Heheheh 🙂 At least they can tell their friends that they have done it before when they grow up. Good one hehehheeh 🙂


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