Sweet Baby


I just love the innocence of babies. There’s happy and sad, that’s it.

This baby is just always happy, unless he’s hungry and I’m not getting to him in time. Then he cries the saddest cry which makes me sad.

I love his curiosity, his smile. I can see him studying me, Daddy, his brothers, even the dog. He’s loves watching his brothers.


I love when his eyes twinkle when I copy what he does. He gets so excited because “I get him”.

The wonder in his eyes, the love in his smile soothes my soul. His little hands, learning to grab my hair to pull me close so he can eat my face with slobbery kisses. The sweet joy of kissing his tiny toes and hearing his giggle because he’s ticklish.

How grateful I am for my little gift from above.

Thank you God, for blessing me so!


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