So Long

I have been sleeping. Yup, getting snoozes because… Priorities. I don’t want to be tired. I am anyway, but writing has fallen to the bottom because I need sleep.

I read a book! I read Captive Hope by Rachel Ritchie! It was good, I would read until I became cross-eyed with exhaustion. But guess what? I finished it!

This book made you feel everything. Love, anger, happy sad, hope, hopelessness, fear, bravery, suspense… And I finished it. Hooray!

My life is a list of unfinished projects. The oldest one being a bottle opener I promised a certain blond friend. I have all of the items, but I just need a moment to do my thing. I may have to ask my in-laws to watch my boys. But I will finish it off its the last thing I do. Muah-ha-haaaaa!

Our house! Still haven’t finished it to sell.

The Love Dare, I have been continuing it, but have not blogged about it. I will catch up on that later.

Blog battle: aw sheesh, it took me two weeks to get two sentences done.

I have been busy looking at curriculums for my boy to go to first grade and realized that I don’t want to be a slave to school work. My boy is smart and he ends up learning more from playing. So, I am not going to spend a lot of money on these curriculums, instead I’m going with Easy Peasy. This AWESOME mom put everything into one website, she even has a sister website for High School! And it’s Free! Unless you want to do offline, then her books are affordably available, which I am going to purchase from Amazon. I don’t want my babe on the computer so much.

I want to keep my life as simple as possible so we can enjoy life as much we can. Because we only get one life, we might as well enjoy it.

Until Next Read…

Sweet Dreams!


He had sweet potato baby food for the first time today, yum!


One thought on “So Long

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. I am intrigued by your desire for a simple life. I am walking down that same road. We just rid of bags and bags of stuff! I am simplifying our school too because I don’t want to spend half my day teaching and then the other half of the day grading. It sounds like you are off to a great start! Hang in there my friend. I totally understand the exhaustion. Enjoy what you can. Blessings.


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