Please, Don’t Go…

After being here for almost 3 1/2 weeks, my mom came to my house 2 days ago, she’s leaving tomorrow. She’s going to visit my 16 year old brother before she goes back to Baltimore.

I really want to throw the “no fair”card, but I am 33 and the oldest, so I won’t give her a hard time even though it hurts. 

She spends more time with my younger siblings because I am independent and they are not. Should I ask her to stay? Or is that selfish? What’s a girl to do? 

I’ve been hanging out with my mom not doing much because she’s not one to go out, so I have blown off things to spend more time with her. It’s really nice.

I stayed up to spend a little more time with her and watched TV. I have not watched TV in a long time, so it was fun.

How I wish we were in a new house with an in-law space I would love to have her close. It would be so nice for my boys.

It’ll work out either way. I just wish she would stay with me a little longer.


2 thoughts on “Please, Don’t Go…

  1. I can relate, I am usually blown off by my parents too, unless I am in some sort of a crisis. It’s nice to know they are confident in us but still sad because we want them to be available more.


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