Funny Ha-Ha

I love to laugh! But honestly, I don’t do it enough. I love to hear my husband laugh, and the boys, but they don’t do it enough. Truly, their laughter is my favorite sound.

I was looking at memes that people were posting on Facebook and most are okay, but one just made me wake up the baby, I snorted, tears coming down and even drooled a little. After I don’t know how long I hear my lovely man’s laughter as he says, “that must have been a good one”. Still laughing hysterically, I hand him my phone where he sees this…

And of course, he starts laughing; not because it is THAT funny, but because I find it THAT funny. That is when complete mayhem starts. He’s laughing because I am laughing and I laugh harder because his awesome laugh makes everything so much more funny. Oh how much it hurt so good, but it was bed time and Babe has to work in the morning so I get quiet.

A couple seconds pass by and he starts laughing again. Apparently, my quiet laugh is shaking the bed, hence another giggle fit that lasts how many minutes?… Who knows, all I know is that it hurts. Alas, it quiets down and sleep it is.

“A horse walks into a bar-” he starts, “why the long face?” I finish starting over a ridiculous laughing fit that could have woken up the whole house. But he likes my “old man” laugh as he calls it, that only comes out when I can’t control my laughter. Oh how silly this all is, but how fun! My favorite thing to do.

Now here I am, trying not to start laughing again because my piece of hunkness is sleeping. Now, I just need to figure out how to make him laugh every day.

 They say, “the more you laugh, the longer you live”.


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