I Keep Stalling

Every night I have looked at my phone and decided I’m not going to publish on WordPress. I am wondering if maybe I am going about this whole blogging thing the wrong way. 

This whole blog began as my happiness project, instead, it feels as if it has turned into my vent my frustrations blog. (Unpublished posts)(Sigh) being a wife and a mom, I lost myself, so I started to do things that make me happy. Also, I was trying to figure out how to make myself happy.

It went great, I lost weight, I drew, I danced, made yummy meals. Then…I got pregnant.  I got sick all over again, I’m more beat up than before and i seemed to be more lost than before I began.

I have three children now and I’m busier than ever. How do I get back?

I guess, I better start over and figure it out…


5 thoughts on “I Keep Stalling

  1. Caring for children requires so much from you in time and energy. Be gentle. Start slow. It can be difficult to find that balance after each baby, but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out what works to bring you back to yourself!

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  2. Oh, the ‘joys’ of parenthood. Been there, done that, (4 times), and wouldn’t change a thing. Didn’t give birth to them, I’ll grant you that, but looking back…that was probably the easy part.

    The blog is easy…pick up the pen, phone, laptop and just write…see what comes out, it may just surprise you…

    Happy blogging…again. Keep Smiling 😊


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