Photo Shop

Did you know that there is Photoshop on the newer cell phones?

I was taking photographs (or are they selfies now?) On my cell and I looked so weird I thought the camera wasn’t working. My teeth looked glazed, I looked glazed. It just wasn’t right. But whatever, right?

Then I started to look at my Facebook people’s selfies and noticed that they too look strange. Oh no! My eyes are going bad! Now I need glasses.

Then I looked at my profile photo and my kids and I didn’t have the fuzzy glassy look! Then a “duh” moment. My phone has what they call a filter to smooth over imperfections.

I said “no thank you”and figured out how to take it off. As much as I’d like to look 22 again, I’m not a fan of having fake photos. I want to see what I really look like. When I’m 80, I’m going to appreciate my 30’s, so why cover up my age?

Sweet Dreams people, you are beautiful just the way you are.


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