Happy Accident

I went to make pancakes when I realized there was no milk. For sure there must be some evaporated milk in the cupboard. NOPE! Then, there it was; a can of pumpkin. Why not?

I found pumpkin spices mixed it together with Bisquick because I am out of flour. I skipped the sugar because we were also out of that. Besides, who needs sugar for pancakes?

It turned out to be a paste rather than a batter. So it looked like vomit. Not very appetizing, but I still put syrup on them because we are going to eat whatever I make, end of story.

My biggest boy already was detesting the idea of trying then. My middle was skeptical until he took the first bite.

“These are amazing!”

I then took  a bite… It was so amazing, I decided to add… Whipped cream! Now it was heavenly! I had to make more and more because the boys couldn’t have enough!

It was like reading pumpkin pie for breakfast. The boys want me to make them all of the time.

How awesome is that?


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