I love how close the boys are. They love sleeping together, I love sleeping with them.

Some people have told me that I should make my kids sleep alone. 

As a child, I hated sleeping alone. I felt scared and well, alone. The nights I couldn’t sleep, I laid on the bed with my eyes shut tight trying to force myself to sleep. 

I don’t want my boys to feel that way. Besides, they end up wanting their independence in no time, so why would I push them away when I want them close? I don’t want to regret not getting jabbed in the ribs mid night, or smacked in the face. 

I love being able to watch them sleep. Marveling at these little faces I’ve created with the man I love. Hoping time slows down so I don’t miss out on a memory. Hoping that the boys some day, treat their babies with even more love than I did. Because we can always do better, right?


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