Long Days

Two minutes of me reading and they are out cold. It has been crazy busy. Yesterday, I woke up at 10:30. Late start, I know, but after being out all day the day before, coming home to do school work, cook, clean house, I believe I was up till 3 am, still at 10:30, I still felt exhausted.
Anyway, we went to Skyzone. A place full of trampolines. Where the boys bounced their hearts out and played Dodge ball. (I love that game)

After working up an appetite, the cousins and my crew went to McDonald’s where the kids got a kick out SpongeBob and Tomcat toys.

Of course, they weren’t tired, so we went to the park. Where they were using their Ninja Warrior skills to the test and climbing above the playground. 

Still not tired, we went over to our cousin’s house, where one child got drum lessons, and my little guy helped drill holes for a foundation to a green house his cousin is building. 

After we got home, around 8pm, we went on YouTube and did two drawing tutorials. One of an owl and one of a rattlesnake. We read books, had showers and then…


One thought on “Long Days

  1. Oh Beautiful! They are so precious when they are sleeping and snuggling. I am tired just reading about your day! Whew! Glad you had a fun-filled day. Now get some much needed rest. Blessings to you my friend.


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