Catching Zzzzzz

What a weekend!

Fall is near and we are taking advantage of the weather before we start to freeze. We started the weekend with swimming party on Friday. Even though we got home late, we did an art tutorial of a Pokemon called Charmander.

Saturday, we went to a double birthday party followed by the Regal movie theater to watch Start Trek. Since that wasn’t fun enough, we played Pie Face and may I say, I won! I never got pied.

Today, I opted to stay home to catch up on some housework. Although, I have been keeping up with it, the house can turn into a disaster in 5 minutes. While changing the bed sheets in my room, it happened. I crashed!

I feel asleep… It’s a miracle I slept during the day, but I needed a break from all of the fun.

I must have slept for over an hour, but as soon as I woke up, I got back to work. I cleaned the van, and the house is okay to stay home.

But nap and all, I’m still tired. Still, tomorrow is Monday and we’re going back into the grind.

Seriously though, I need to catch some more zzzzzzz’s.
Sweet Dreams!


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