“God Bless You”

As we were walking by the beautiful dock in Pennsylvania, a man stopped my family. All of a sudden, the man hands me a paper and says “God Bless You”. 

Grateful of his kindness, I said “God Bless You” and then I watched as each of my children followed my lead and then my husband.

And just like that he moved on… Beautiful. Except, the next person apparently wasn’t so kind. I really didn’t see what happened, but my boys did and it was very upsetting.

“Why was she mean to him?” “How could she do that? He was being nice.”

I told him I didn’t know, but that we are all sometimes mean, even though it’s not right. I used the boys teasing each other as an example and when I have lost my patience. Daddy also explained that she could have been startled by the man and became afraid. Also, how some people don’t like God and doesn’t like when the they are told “God bless you”. We explained that everyone in the world is different and some do not not like it. How we need to be kind to everyone because that is what God wants.

Through dinner, he was just near tears, nothing would console him. He drew a picture in the back of his paper mat, wrote “God Bless You” and had Daddy go with him to look for this man. No luck finding him.

Next morning while the boys were swimming, I was packing up the hotel room. I saw my little paper and had an idea. When I was done, I went to the pool and told my boys.

 “I think the reason we met that man yesterday was to remind us to be kind to reach other.” I said. “So I left a little present for the person cleaning our room with the paper he gave us. Sometimes, that is the way God works.” 

“Good idea mommy!” My big guy went back to his swimming. Because swimming is tons of fun! 

Still, even though it has been almost a week, my Big Guy still brings it up. Sometimes. He just can’t let go. But I use those moments to remind him that…



2 thoughts on ““God Bless You”

  1. I love this story! Sometimes it takes a stranger to remind us of something we already know. You took it and brought it to another level and blessed someone else. Blessings to you. I love visiting your blog. You are so inspiring. I am so grateful for our blog friendship. Blessing.

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