Great 2017 Start?

I started this new year with a cold…I beat it, so all’s good. Baby has it, but Mama will take care of it and all will be well. 

Then we received some news… Apparently, our State found some error with my Hubs and his co-workers promotions. Hense, they are now considered temporary positions. Meanwhile, if they are to be demoted, they will lose seniority from their prior positions. While in their current position, they are not gaining any Seniority and those promoted after them will have greater seniority regardless of their lack of experience. But I’m positive it will all be resolved, right?

Following that, presents I ordered for 3 Kings Day, never showed up. So I had to trick the boys into thinking they come tomorrow morning so I could spend today shopping. At least we got it covered. 

Most current but not least stressful, while starting a fire in our fireplace, the vent must have been frozen shut, so smoke started coming inside the house and so did the flames. After the fire went out, I tried to open our windows, it broke. And although the fire died out before it caused real damage, there are scorched items, soot, and smoke smell in our home. Upside: the house is in one piece and so are we.

So, I am still going to say, it’s a great start to the year because we are healthy, we have each other and we have full bellies and shelter.

God is good! 

To a Good Year!!!