I was nominated by Akiraa from Be Different Buddy for this award, I am the most grateful. Do yourself a favor and check this site out and Be Different Buddy!!!


I have joined BlogBattle (created by Rachel Ritchie)which consist of a story based on a weekly word. This week word was “horde”. My story, Sealed with a Kiss was this weeks winner! Which is really exciting!!! To join the fun click BlogBattle.


On April 24, 2015, I was nominated by Hey Little Sweet Thing. If you are anything like me and love sweet, you need to check out one of the sweetest pages on the WP.


Premio Dardos was awarded to me by Fashionable Tezzy from the Tezzy Files! She is the most fashionable girl I know on WordPress, Check out her website.


The Liebster Award was award to me by 2BECHOSEN. Check her out!!!


My first award was given to me by Tezzy from the Tezzy Files!!! See all the goodies from her side of the world.

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