Something Sweet

For the first time in idk how long, I sat and drew. 

I was trying to draw a photo of my little guy, and I love it. I have always have had trouble drawing realistically, but I figured why not give it a try. At all, my notebook says…

And I love to draw. It felt great! I know it doesn’t look like my beautiful yummy boy, but I had fun drawing and I’ve been in a better mood all day. I think it’s because I did something for myself.
Here is the photo of my handsome boys… Soon to be 7, soon to be 5 and soon to be 1 in the next two months. Love their sweet faces.

(Mama L❤️ V E)


One of the boys uses pull ups at bed time. I went to the Dollar General and they were out of his size, so I bought the store brand which is plain white.

So being the silly mom that I am, I drew a Power Ranger on the blank canvas.

What do you think?

Ha! I think it’s hilarious, but my boy loved it because he doesn’t mind the plain, but he loves when mommy does things like that for him.

Silly, but fun.

Dinosaur Roar


I decided to stay up and draw, the only thing I could think of was the T-Rex toy in front of me.

I just realized something… It looks like it’s pooping… Lol there goes my maturity level.😄

At least I drew something! woooohoooo!