Over a Month

It’s been over a month since my last post. Life has been busy. By the time I get down time, I’m not inclined to post. Could it be that my blog days are coming to an end? Or is it just a dry spell? Either way, I’m happy.

I think I’m at a stage in life where I am just happy. I started this blog because I was lost. I forgot who I was. I was sad, lonely, unsure of myself, but I’ve come a long way.

I’ve figured out a lot of things since I started this bblog. Being a mom and wife, you tend to forget that you were once your own person and you wear out. I started to blog to figure things out and I think I have.

I have decluttered my life (most of it). We donate what we no longer need around the house and even though we have a long way to go, we’ve come a long way and that is just dandy. 

Also, I’ve decluttered my life from toxic people. It really is amazing when you realize that someone in your life can be so toxic. They justify being cruel with being honest, but in a one way street sort of way. Get Rid of Them!

Replace the toxic friends with good friends. Ah, the difference can lift you up so high, you then wonder why it took you so long. Fear of change…LET IT GO! preach it Elsa!

Remember what made you happy and do it. For me, it has been drawing, dancing, listening to music. Now I draw, sing and dance with my boys. Combining all my loves together.

Take time for yourself. Quiet time can be so nice. But also hanging out with the girls once in a while. Feel so good.

Take time with your spouse. I can’t even tell you how much better things are between myself and my eye candy hunk of a man. Taking time to cuddle and watch a show, letting Grandma watch the kids so we can have a cup of coffee in the sweet sound of nothing. It almost takes you back to the years before the house and kids. Oh, the sweetness.

Talking about sweetness…

My youngest and oldest had birthdays. 

My piece of heaven turned 7!!! Wow, it still amazes me how big 7 is.

He’s lost four teeth and is so big. Too big, too responsible, too sweet for a 7 year old. I love who he is, but he acts like a grown up. I have to silly him up a little bit. Nevertheless, I’m lucky to be his mommy. I miss his babyness.

My monja-monja baby just turned 1! Two days before his biggest brother.

This guy is walking, talking, even pointed his finger at me and said “Dada”, so I had to call Dada so he could tell on me. This guy has 4 teeth (He took his brothers). Loves to eat and he is so much fun.

My grateful meter blew a fuse. It’s on overload. I have a wonderful husband and children. Great friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Really love that smile! 

Love my crew! 

Does this mean I have figured out everything?  NO WAY!!! I still lose my cool, think I need to be locked up and given a time out. Homeschooling can be hair pulling awful. I still could tone up, meh. My house is still messy, I could be more social. I have not gotten the cooking thing down…ahhhhh! 

But I’m no longer drowning. I don’t need this blog anymore. I’m ok. I’m going to make it. Bittersweet, but relieving. I will stick around, but just to check others out and maybe I can figure out something else to write about.

Writing this is so freeing…hope you find your freedom as well…

Holiday Spending

To me, the holidays are stressful and full of unnecessary chaos. Every year I make a photo calendars and send cards because it’s the “polite thing to do”. I would have skipped them, but that wasn’t an option from my sweet husband who’s going to do them himself next time if he wants them done. 

We have people that we have to give to, but I am sick of going into debt during Christmas. It’s not the point of the holiday people. 

So we had to make a change. I decided to put the boys to work instead.

I usually buy ornaments $4 a piece. Instead, I had the boys make ornaments with popsicle sticks. I don’t even know how much we saved, but it was a lot.

We got the colored sticks and the boys even made some for Daddy, who was super excited.

They had fun, they put a lot of thought into them and even chose to whom they wanted to give them to. 

I also decided that instead of buying things, we would make coconut macaroons with chocolate inside. Everyone seemed to like them, so win-win, right?

Instead of spending money, I spent time with my boys, doing fun things for other people. Wether or not people really appreciate it, I don’t know. But I’m teaching the boys to do things for others rather than buy. When they get bigger, I will expand our ideas and do more. But for now, homemade cookies and ornament will be the thing. 

Any ideas you feel like sharing?

Local Draft

That is what my WP is full with. I have so many excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, my main one being… Writer’s block, I start typing and blank. 

I have tons of things I can write about. I can log my weight loss, which really…I haven’t been losing because I’ve been stuffing my face and not exercising. I’m okay with it. Not complaining. 

I can write about the things I get rid of. Seriously, my house is a black whole. I get rid of a million things to make space, and my sweet husband brings a chair that covers half the house. But, I always forget to take photos, why? Because I don’t want to live with my phone in my hand. 

I can write about the food I’ve been making.. I made some awesome bruschetta and hummus with my new food processor that my wonderful guy got me for Christmas. But like I said, phone on hand.. Not lately. 

I can’t forget to mention that I keep just losing my phone for days on end. Why? Because I want freedom. I want to be beep free. Sometimes, I’d like a land line for old times sake. 

I can write about my children, but really, I’m just tired, comatose, exhausted. 

It’s all good though. Is 2017 now… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE… I’m going to sleep. Sweet Dreams.

The Writing Type

I have definitely slowed down with the blogging. I have been trying to do too many things, but yet, not accomplishing much. I am too scattered, too disorganized.

Our home is a mess, everywhere you turn… messy. I can’t seem to find anything, I can’t seem to put anything away. I’ll go to the kitchen cabinet, open it and blank out. What am I doing? Ooh, I need socks. Then I proceed to the basement to get socks, but come up with towels completely forgetting the socks and then as I get called because I’m needed, I absently put the towels on whatever surface area is near. 

Still, I have about five bags of donations. Which, maybe I should restart my Get Rid of It!!! posts on a weekly scale, rather than a daily.

I guess I am needed by my supposed to be sleeping child (1am), so I have to cut it short (story of my life).


This is the only hashtag that I am fond of, other than that, I call this… The pound sign. Hey, don’t you ‘boo’at me, I’m that kind of girl.

Anyway…I… Ordered… A… Trampoline!!! An 80 incher that is going to go in the basement. I saw it on Amazon for $124 and I just did it.

Winters are long here and I am not a fan of going to the museum, or really anywhere when it’s freezing. Mainly because of snotty children. So I and my wonderful Hubba-dub decided to turn the basement into a boy cave. 

The following will be a sweet surprise Christmas morning.

I am really excited about this… The boys need a way to let out steam and I think this is it.

This neat little table, I will be purchasing next week. The boys absolutely love air hockey. But wait till they see the foosball and billiards…I can’t wait to be called the best mom in the universe.

My big guy wants to take drum lessons and so, a corner of the basement will be converted into a mini strange. Complete with…

A microphone for my little guy who loves to sing. I really am having lots of fun thinking about this project. Now I am hoping grandma will get the boys…

Bad photo, but grandma keeps asking me what to get the boys. Why not this? 

Originally, we were talking about a bedroom makeover, but I wanted something more fun since I’m out of Christmas ideas. Besides, we are selling the house some time in this lifetime (I hope). I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out.

What are your Christmas ideas? Or Hanukkah, or Kwanza, or Three Kings Day?

Le Poison

It has been cold after cold in this house. The last one felt like the flu. My boys love to put their hand on their face, then this happens.

Baby attacks big Brothers with kisses, then attacks Mama and Dada with kisses. Hence the whole household of yuck-yuck!

But who can turn down a baby kiss? NO ONE!

This, angel face of mine. I barely have photos of, because he usually runs away blurring his face, but he agreed this time because he wanted me to post it.

He lost his baby face look after baby was born. It was insane, almost happened overnight. I’m so sad about it. He acts so big too. He helps with baby also.

I love how they play together! How did I get so lucky?

My biggest boy here is riding his bike without training wheels. It’s fun! 

I’m all over the place here, which is the reason why I haven’t been writing. I’m just too tired.

Regardless, this is the best I could do for now.

Lots of Love…

Mind Busy

 I’ve been bothered by something for quite some time. 

My sister’s boyfriend threw a TV that landed on her 4 year old son. Scares her 9 year old to pieces and beats her in front of her kids. He even slapped her for for hanging out with me. But yet, he’s her best friend. 

While my mom was here, we were talking about what to do about her kids. But my mom stopped, looked at me and said. “Be careful with your sister…” It shook me to the core.

I know from when we were little, she says I’ve been the favorite. Although, being the oldest, I had the most responsibility, and was not allowed to do things if she complained. But I never thought it would carry into adulthood.

 Anyway, my mom proceeded to tell me that when my sister found out I was pregnant with my 3rd, she called my mom hysterically asking…”why does she get the house, the husband, the babies? It’s not fair! Why does she get a perfect life and I don’t?” My life is far from perfect, but that’s not the point.

My baby news caused her to have a total mental breakdown. She then became pregnant with the guy that beats her. And what happens? Her baby dies…

Now, she went off the depend and I tried to help her, but when I’d have her over for dinner at my house, she would look at my baby with a look that honestly made me nervous inside. I felt like I needed to protect him from her.

And that was before my mom said that to me. “Be careful with your sister. She is very jealous of you and I’m afraid of what she may do.”

Was it okay for mom to say this to me?

I took my mom’s advice though and I just backed off. CPS can’t do anything about her kids and I need to protect mine. A double edge sword.

A couple months went by and then she contacted me with what seem a complete turn around. She had gone from talking in the most negative way, to saying she missed me and was sad that our friendship had broken.

Originally, it broke because she tried to cause arguments between me and my husband. She didn’t understand how I could take his side over hers. Well, one, my husband is number one, unless I know he’s wrong and two, I know when she’s trying to pull BS on me. 

Anyway, I’ve had her over the house in the past three weeks. I think it’s good for my niece and nephew. But still, I don’t know if I’m being paranoid, but I’m scared. If that weird? Even though now she seems to be in love with my baby, I’m nervous.

Then today, my niece slipped and I found out she’s still with this pathetic guy. I guess I suspected it, but the way I feel is… If she can love an abusive guy more than her kids, then she will care less for mine. So, it worries me. 

I don’t even know how to go about this. It’s very frustrating and heartbreaking.  

Am I being paranoid?

This is almost a “if something happens to me, the first suspect should be my sister and her boyfriend. Is that sad?

What am I to do?


Let me start with saying that we all got sick. Every single one of us. I’ve even been using essential oils to try to ward off the yuckies! But, I still am one stuffy mess. Getting better though.

During my time gone from WP World. There has been lots of yay moments that have happened. For one…

This Guy turned 7 months on the 28th. He is trying to crawl, using his voice to scream, trying to conversate (so funny), loves watching his fingers, learned to pinch, high five, gives hugs, console his sad brothers, he even makes noises to call them over.

This Guy, is learning how to read! Not only that, I’ve noticed that if I read him a book once, he can memorize it and tell me the story almost word for word with the corresponding page. I’m so proud of him. Then, this guy…

Lost his first tooth, has three more that are loose. Is officially riding his bike without training wheels. Is an awesome drawer and the biggest help ever.

How could I not share all of these wonderful moments? It’s been love and sweet. I…

Used an app to see what I would look like with makeup on and if the app really works. Talk about Photoshop! I took the app of my phone. It was cool, but I want and like to see the real me. But just this once, I can be dollyfied.

Sleep’s knocking…

Nighty night!

“God Bless You”

As we were walking by the beautiful dock in Pennsylvania, a man stopped my family. All of a sudden, the man hands me a paper and says “God Bless You”. 

Grateful of his kindness, I said “God Bless You” and then I watched as each of my children followed my lead and then my husband.

And just like that he moved on… Beautiful. Except, the next person apparently wasn’t so kind. I really didn’t see what happened, but my boys did and it was very upsetting.

“Why was she mean to him?” “How could she do that? He was being nice.”

I told him I didn’t know, but that we are all sometimes mean, even though it’s not right. I used the boys teasing each other as an example and when I have lost my patience. Daddy also explained that she could have been startled by the man and became afraid. Also, how some people don’t like God and doesn’t like when the they are told “God bless you”. We explained that everyone in the world is different and some do not not like it. How we need to be kind to everyone because that is what God wants.

Through dinner, he was just near tears, nothing would console him. He drew a picture in the back of his paper mat, wrote “God Bless You” and had Daddy go with him to look for this man. No luck finding him.

Next morning while the boys were swimming, I was packing up the hotel room. I saw my little paper and had an idea. When I was done, I went to the pool and told my boys.

 “I think the reason we met that man yesterday was to remind us to be kind to reach other.” I said. “So I left a little present for the person cleaning our room with the paper he gave us. Sometimes, that is the way God works.” 

“Good idea mommy!” My big guy went back to his swimming. Because swimming is tons of fun! 

Still, even though it has been almost a week, my Big Guy still brings it up. Sometimes. He just can’t let go. But I use those moments to remind him that…



‚ÄčI read an article on scarymommy.com about a mom who was writing about her children without filter until her father told her that she should consider their privacy. So I took some time off of writing and started thinking…

How would I feel if my mother told the world about my life?

What if she shared photos of me without permission? Shared my imperfections, my mistakes. Did a tell-all on my embarrassing moments or vented about my bad days? 

I think I would be angry. I don’t have the right to do that to my children nor do I want them to be upset with me later on in life.

 I need to keep my babies safe, and to myself. It’s easy to overshare without thinking twice. but that doesn’t make it right, so I have to figure out how to figure out mommyhood without invading my children’s privacy. It will be a challenge, but I can manage. 

I’ve had the best intentions and writing is a way for me to do something for myself and also keep memories of my children. Talk about multitasking. But that woman’s father is right. Our children need to be respected.

I don’t have a problem with that. I’m glad I saw that opinion sooner than later. I love my children with all my heart and I want to do right by them.