The Life of Love

This little guy took 2 steps towards Daddy on the 2nd of this month.  He says “Daddy” with the sweetest baby voice and “Ma”with a sound that I describe as an angry goat. He’s such a Daddy’s boy. But his hugs are so sweet, kisses and laugh that tickle the heart, he loves mama so much. I love to squeeze him and say “Mama Loves!”

This boy here after 2 years of saying he’s 4, is finally 5! Can’t say I didn’t cry about it, because I did. Who knew such things would make a mom so emotional. But he’s no longer a baby. Five is a big number, he acts like such a big boy. This one is for sure a mommy’s boy. If I pretend I’m crying when baby hurts me, his eyes water even though he knows I’m faking. I always have to kiss him for being my sweet baby boy who loves mommy to pieces. I love my Angel Face!

This piece of heaven here has lost his 3rd tooth already! He is almost 7 and I truly don’t know how I feel about that. Is time flying? Am I missing something? How did he get so tall, so big, so responsible so fast? I don’t even know, this sweet piece of heart is very observant, very kind, thoughtful and every sweet word in the book. He will come and say, “I think you are tired, what can I do to help you?” I try my best to suck things up, I don’t want to ever burden him, but he just wants to help. I am so lucky to have such a beautiful soul so close to me. Mommy is so blessed.

This Man, this piece of hunkness, this beautiful man that got in the way of my dreams. Instead, he led me to a life that I never knew existed full of love that I never thought I deserved. He gave me the gift of friendship, companionship and love. We share a home which is my haven. Together we created this family which I am forever grateful for.

With life stresses, sometimes it’s hard to count your blessings. But I really am trying to let them know every day how thankful I am and how much I love them. We have to live as if everyday could be our last.

And if you are reading this, I am grateful for you, because no matter how briefly you meet someone, they change your life forever!

Sweet Dreams and God Bless!

Great 2017 Start?

I started this new year with a cold…I beat it, so all’s good. Baby has it, but Mama will take care of it and all will be well. 

Then we received some news… Apparently, our State found some error with my Hubs and his co-workers promotions. Hense, they are now considered temporary positions. Meanwhile, if they are to be demoted, they will lose seniority from their prior positions. While in their current position, they are not gaining any Seniority and those promoted after them will have greater seniority regardless of their lack of experience. But I’m positive it will all be resolved, right?

Following that, presents I ordered for 3 Kings Day, never showed up. So I had to trick the boys into thinking they come tomorrow morning so I could spend today shopping. At least we got it covered. 

Most current but not least stressful, while starting a fire in our fireplace, the vent must have been frozen shut, so smoke started coming inside the house and so did the flames. After the fire went out, I tried to open our windows, it broke. And although the fire died out before it caused real damage, there are scorched items, soot, and smoke smell in our home. Upside: the house is in one piece and so are we.

So, I am still going to say, it’s a great start to the year because we are healthy, we have each other and we have full bellies and shelter.

God is good! 

To a Good Year!!!

Catching Zzzzzz

What a weekend!

Fall is near and we are taking advantage of the weather before we start to freeze. We started the weekend with swimming party on Friday. Even though we got home late, we did an art tutorial of a Pokemon called Charmander.

Saturday, we went to a double birthday party followed by the Regal movie theater to watch Start Trek. Since that wasn’t fun enough, we played Pie Face and may I say, I won! I never got pied.

Today, I opted to stay home to catch up on some housework. Although, I have been keeping up with it, the house can turn into a disaster in 5 minutes. While changing the bed sheets in my room, it happened. I crashed!

I feel asleep… It’s a miracle I slept during the day, but I needed a break from all of the fun.

I must have slept for over an hour, but as soon as I woke up, I got back to work. I cleaned the van, and the house is okay to stay home.

But nap and all, I’m still tired. Still, tomorrow is Monday and we’re going back into the grind.

Seriously though, I need to catch some more zzzzzzz’s.
Sweet Dreams!


I love how close the boys are. They love sleeping together, I love sleeping with them.

Some people have told me that I should make my kids sleep alone. 

As a child, I hated sleeping alone. I felt scared and well, alone. The nights I couldn’t sleep, I laid on the bed with my eyes shut tight trying to force myself to sleep. 

I don’t want my boys to feel that way. Besides, they end up wanting their independence in no time, so why would I push them away when I want them close? I don’t want to regret not getting jabbed in the ribs mid night, or smacked in the face. 

I love being able to watch them sleep. Marveling at these little faces I’ve created with the man I love. Hoping time slows down so I don’t miss out on a memory. Hoping that the boys some day, treat their babies with even more love than I did. Because we can always do better, right?

World’s Largest Rubber Ducky

Right in the palm of my hand.

Just kidding, it is 6 stories high!

See? Big ducky! I also have two boys carrying the weight of the world.

With boys, there’s always a fight…

“Cut it out boys!” 

Of course, my eye candy…

Such a fun day! We ended the night With a bon fire on the beach and eating sandy,roasted marshmallows. Actually, we also watched a movie projected on the wall. It was fun!