Get Rid of it!!! Day 310

RETURNS!!! We are so awful at returning things. I call our home “the black hole.”

We can put it by the door, we can put a sign, we can put flashing lights and we still will forget to take it with us.

But today…dun, dun, dun…


This massager that even at its lowest setting will rattle your brain. It’s going back to its home at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Hope you can make someone else happy!

Exfoliation Across the Nation


This Sugar and Shea Body Scrub by J.R. Watkins was originally $12.99, but you would never catch me buying stuff like this at full price. I actually found it for $3.49 at Target. Woo-hoo!!!

Actually, I am not into buying stuff like this, but I figured I should pamper myself a little bit since I have a life growing inside of me trying to stay forever.

Oh how good it feels! Just rubbing your hands is like a massage. The sugar feels so nice. Usually, my legs are so dry that they look like alligator skin, but I have been using this every day in the shower and it’s just nice. Even on my face and lips.

I feel so smooth and my skin moisturized. I’m super glad that I tried this, but I will not pay $13 for it for the simple fact that I could make this at home.

Does anybody out there have a body scrub recipe? If so, please share! I would love to give it a try!

Sweet Dreams,

Reading Journey!


This book has taken away the anxiety of teaching my BIG GUY how to read. 100 lessons and BAM! Second grade level reader.

Now, it starts with simple lessons… Instead of learning letters by name, you learn them by sound. Adding letters to create words. Some lessons I feel like they jump a little too fast, but that’s when you just do the lesson over until they get it.


Here is an example of what they do. They use symbols so the children learn the sounds and gradually take the symbols off and the children will eventually just figure it out.

If you look at the top left, there is a sticker. Once a lesson is done, we put a sticker on it. End the lesson with big high five and maybe a dance. “Encouragement is key.” The excitement of them realizing they can read things makes then want to do more.

Although, you must know when your child has had enough or when their brain is just tired. Patience can be hard sometimes. At some points I felt like my big guy was just slacking and I wanted to blow a gasket. When this was the case, we took a day or two off.

We started this journey in September, we ended December 24th. Some days, he did 2-3 lessons, others he would say “apple” when the text said banana. Those days, I took a deep breath and changed the subject. Took the boys to the park for fresh air or watched a movie and talked about it. At some points we took a week off.

We also had a 100 chart that he would put stickers on so he could see his progress. The beauty of Homeschooling is that you can take off of divert your focus and come back with fresh eyes.

It becomes an exciting thing when your child begins to read signs while you drive. You almost want to pat yourself on the back for surviving this far.

Sometimes, it will take 5 minutes per lesson, the average being 15-20, but there are days in the later lessons when in my case, it took an hour. Why? Because sometimes, your kids will push your buttons and there is no way in Haiti that we are going to give in! THAT’S WHY!!!

Then one day you will close the book, and your child will go to his chart and put his last sticker on.


Your child will read and be super proud! And by the way, with the chart my big guy learned to count to 100 and even does it by tens. BONUS!

And then, you will try to use the book on your younger child to find out that he is going to not be as easy as the first.

I like this book though, I recommend it!


I am trying to get used to my new laptop. I like it so far, but I think 15.6 inches feels a little too big, but still I like it.  Going from a 9inch iPad, my fingers feel tiny on a big key board, but it is something I know I can get used to.

At first I had issues with the internet or even opening apps, and found out that it was only because I inserted the wrong time zone. Why would that cause such an issue? I have no idea, but I am thinking because the time zone had a different country. But now, it is all fixed.

I am having issues with speed while upstairs, but I won’t blame it on the laptop because all of my devices are slow when I am on WIFI at home, which is most likely because my router is in the basement.

It is easy to use for what I need…documents, blogging,  research, homeschooling, burning DVD’s of my photos and for wasting time when I feel like.

I wanted 1TB Hard Drive, i5+ processor, with a DVD/CD player and not to spend more than $500.  The i7, was $950 because it also had a touchscreen, which I don’t care for. The smaller laptops, did not have a DVD player, which to me, is a must, they got cancelled out. Bonus, I am now able to connect to Babe’s projector and watch movies on any wall that we want. Talk about fun.

Now, all I have to do is purchase Microsoft Word, figure out how I am going to decorate my laptop and find a backpack to fit it and my baby stuff.

How fun!!!


Dirt Sucker!

I have been putting off buying a vacuum since I went to Walmart and I bought someone’s old vacuum, they replaced.

But my Momma in law bought a new one for $85 and raved about it! The Hoover Retractable Cord T-series.

I do not want to go to Walmart ever again, so I found it on Amazon.Com for $99, Prime 2 day shipping.


It got here and the boys couldn’t wait to use it! We moved the couch and ewwww. But they had fun!

Then, I took on our rugs! Holy Moly, sweeping them was not doing a thing! The dirt, my friends, the dirt was crazy!

I have got to say, I love IT!!!

Before I Die

I finally finished it! This book is about a16 year old that has had cancer for four years finding out it is now terminal. She decided she is going to make a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies, first thing being sex.

I don’t know why I do this to myself. I’m not a fan of sad books or movies, but I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish in life…I am not 16, but still.


I recommend it. It is a good read.

Look at this Blonde!

So she is Blonde, she is funny and she wants to write a bestseller. She is a high five extraordinaire and my international blogging bff from across the pond (drum roll please!) She is BLONDEUSK!!!

I only try read her blog posts when I am alone. Only because I want to give her posts my undivided attention. This has caused me to shamelessly lock myself in the bathroom and calling “private time” on numerous occasions.

I must have my daily dose of funny and entertainment. Whether she has two mannequin heads argue about which is better or whether she is capable of letting go of an expensive looking red balloon, you will find yourself asking for more.

My favorite, is the short story called “Enid” which was featured in University Creativityinc14 Magazine. This story is about a serial killer who preys for its victims at a diner. Ooh, the twist…the twist…

Just check out how awesome she is! Seriously, click here…NOW!☺

Little Black Lies

I have been having major exhaustion issues. Can’t focus on sketching, reading, or anything that requires brain power. So I was thinking that maybe if I read a mindless romance. It would fix me.

While at the bookstore, nothing grabbed my attention at the romance section, but on my way back to the Lego table, I grabbed this book.


I did not feel like reading anything dark, but as I started to read, I could not put it down. And then I noticed things were sounding familiar…the book is based in my city, and it is a local author! Awesome!!! So although, I prefer to borrow books from the library, I decided to purchase this one! So far, I love it and it is helping me at least focus on this book.

Until Next Time,
What is something that has gotten you out of the funk?

50 Shades of Okay


So, my sister told me she was reading the book, and so I borrowed it after she was done. It was a little slow, but in it, it shows you the “relationship” of two people from two different worlds who come together and change each other’s lives.

The story itself, seemed a little unrealistic since for a minute I thought, there is no woman who would do this….but knowing a woman who went through a BDSM period, with a man that looked like Jabba from Star Wars, I figured anything is possible. But it didn’t change the fact that I found the book interesting since I have never read anything on that genre before.

I read the second book and then the third and though I agree, it was slow and unrealistic. Who cares? What I would do to write a book and be a hit like that? So I am happy for E L James. Girl Power!

This has brought an uproar from religious “leaders” all over the world. The movie was even banned in some countries. I tell my husband this and he tells me, “yeah, it is all over Catholic radio, they won’t stop talking about it.” I laugh at this because I read the books and my husband still didn’t really know about it, but now he knows all this stuff about the book because of Catholic radio.  And then, just like the little pain in the butt that I am, I say. “Let’s go watch it!” He shakes his head at me because he knows I am just being a pain in the ass. And then I say it…

“Well how come these guys watched the movie and then tell me I can’t watch it?” I know, I am going to hell for that for those pointing the finger at me, but let me point out that you yourself opened up a post with 50 Shades on the title. So we are even. So, yes…we went to see it!

I was so excited and full of giggles walking in. I could not believe we were going to watch this movie. We spent $30 on theater food because we did not have enough time to eat before the movie. But we went to AMC Theaters which was absolutely awesome! They have comfy reclining seats and set in twos, so you can move the middle arm rest and snuggle.

So…like the book, the movie was slow, but any time they showed the “sexy” parts a wave of giggles passed through the theater. I liked the movie. It really caught the confliction of the two characters and the changes in the their person due to them falling in love and wanting to change each other. But in a way, they are both changing willingly.

People argue that you can’t change people and no I would never, ever say to get with someone and then try to change them. But I do say, that when you meet someone and you mutually love each other, you both change…you grow together and sometimes, you do make some changes to make the other happy, hopefully positive changes.

We watched the movie and I am not getting whipped, tied or beaten emotionally. My husband and I treated the movie like we treat Star Wars…a fictional story, that is it and we moved along. One way we move along is by having an open mind. There are people who are into it, so if it makes them happy, who am I to tell them what to do in their lives?

So what is my take on it? If you are not appalled about the idea…watch it! It would be a fun girls date or fun with your husband. Just go with an open mind and treat it like it is…fictional. But if you are not comfortable enough, rent it on DVD! It is 50 Shades of Okay!