That is my new language, full of tongue twisters and and typos. Long pauses and blank face stares.

I have been falling asleep as soon as I put my head on the pillow. Sweet Si likes to be in bed by 8ish and if I don’t lay him down, he starts to be a not so happy baby. And no one likes unhappy babies. So, YAY WORDPRESS!!! Or NOT!!!

I cannot count the amount of posts I have started, but not finished or posts I started to read, but fell asleep. In fact, that seems to be my middle name (started, but not finished). I don’t like it, but the harder I try to stay up, the more cross-eyed I’ve become.

But what can I do to change this? I can’t even imagine if I had to go to work outside of home, I’d pass out while driving. Or maybe it would be the break that I need, because taking cake of children is the hardest job in the world. And before anyone argues with me, then answer why they charge the amount of a mortgage to watch children. Staying at home is saving us a ton of money and stress because seriously, you never know now how people are treating your kids when you’re not around. I trust no one.

See? Crazy brain steering away from my first actual topic. Overtiredness, not even a word, but I am claiming it! Listen, this is more valid than “selfies”, “sexting”, “twerking” or “hashtag” (I call it pound sign). Overtiredness has existed since the beginning of time.

How am I able to write right now? Private time…everyone in this home gets it, it’s called the bathroom. I say “potty time is private time”. You are Welcome!

I take the longest,  hence the “knock, knock”. I just got kicked out. Better get back to life, lunch is not going to prepare itself.

Baby Splurge

Update: I called Best Buy this morning and luckily, they hadn’t shipped my laptop out yet. With that said, I was able to get it back, so I can save my photos! Yay!

Back to my original post:

With my first son, I had an Eddie Bauer diaper bag. Basic black, and I hated it. I quickly switched to a purse. All I needed in my diaper bag was, diapers, wipes, an outfit and a blanket. I also had back up in the car for just in case.

The second time around, I didn’t even bother with a diaper bag. I had the coolest purse, which I painfully just got rid of not to long ago.

This time around, while trying to see what new things they came up with, I saw  Jujube bag which was super cute, but expensive as all heck. So I kept on walking. But I LOVED it!!!

Buy Buy Baby has a ton of awesome stuff, but why does it have to be so expensive?!? One sweet thing they do have is the clearance section. I been a fan of that section. Things are at least 50%off, mostly because of damaged packages.

I have bought a couple Toys, diapers, boogie wipes, and other fun stuff which fills my baby buying needs. A couple days ago, I went in to buy a car seat cover, but I found that it was more expensive than Amazon. So I go to the clearance section and what do I find?

The Swing that I wanted and…


The Jujube bag!!! Why? Because there was a “stain” the size of a drop in one of the straps!

Not my first choice of color,  but I LOVE IT!!!


I have a couple of toys and there’s room for my wallet and phone.

On the bigger company compar


tment I have diapers, wipes, breast pads, bib, burp cloth, blankie, a wrap, baby outfit and my planner. Still room for more if I want my it.

There are insulated pockets on the side and a changing pad in a back pocket. I love the fact that you can use it with the single strap or as a back pack! The thing I love the absolute most is that it’s so cute that I will use it until it disintegrates!

Definitely a splurge, but I deserve it and it will make my life easier. 

Wake Up Call

I jolted out of bed because he screamed my name! He must have left his keys I thought. I ran downstairs. I look at my phone. No missed calls He left his phone too… Must be one of those days. I looked outside the window, it is still dark outside, I am afraid to open the door, there’s no car, what if it wasn’t him? what if he’s hurt and I felt it. Crazy, but there have been stranger things happen.

I call his phone: no answer. I wait.
I call again… Nothing…
6:49 (text)
Seriously.. You need to let me know if u are okay. I woke up because I thought I heard you scream my name..
6:49 (text)
I ran downstairs looking for you…. I couldn’t find you.

Maybe, he’s in an important call and can’t answer. I wait…

I call, no answer

I call again: still no answer.

I am sweating, nauceaus and my mind starts racing. What if he got shot? Or got into an accident and is unconscious? What if he needs help? No… He’s okay… He’s okay… He has to be okay.

6:53 (text)
please tell me u are ok
I call again: no answer

At this point, I don’t know if my pregnancy is causing crazy anxiety dreams, if I am overreacting, or flat out crazy. I sit down. For what feels like forever… Waiting. Not a good idea.

I check the news…nothing. I check Facebook…nothing. Why would there be anything? It’s only news when it’s some criminal that has more rights than the victims they’ve had. I am trying not to panic. The mind can be an ugly place when you are scared.

6:57 (text)

I can literally hear my heart in my head. Feel it through my body, my blood pressure is high, I am shaking…I think I am going to vomit. My brain being my worst enemy right now. I will hunt whoever hurts him and make them sorry. My mind is in panic mode. My heart is literally choking me by now. I take a deep breath and dial my phone.

Blah, blah, Police Department, Blah, Blah, Blah

“Hi, this me (me), how are you?”

Good, thank you.

I am ————‘s wife and I know this may be crazy, but is he okay?”

Yeah, Hi, he’s on a call right now, why?

Good, thank you! I woke up because I though he called me, but he didn’t and so I called his phone but he’s not answering and I’m just a little worried.” Little worried? I am ready to go 80’s Carrie on some bastards.

Oooooh honey, he’s okay… But let me send him a message, I’ll start with “not an emergency” so he knows you are okay and I’ll have him call you. And as soon as I see him, I’ll make sure he does.

Thank you, sooooo much. Sorry for this crazy call-”

Noo, you call any time!

Yeah, I’m pregnant I can be crazy… Lol

“Thank you, have a great day!”

Okay honey, you too.

As soon as I hang up, MY LOVE shows on my phone and I couldn’t answer fast enough.

“I woke up because I heard you scream my name and I looked for you and you weren’t there…” And that was it, I was crying, trying not to hyperventilate because of the pain just from worry in my heart.

He apologized because his ringer was off and assured me today is going to be a nice, easy day.

And here I am to show whoever reads this, the worries of the wife of a police officer. They put their life on the line EVERY DAY… they deal with guns, knifes, car accidents, dangerous road situations or worst, crazy, irrational people.

But any little thing can cause a panic attack to their wives. Although, there are some assholes that wear the uniforms, doesn’t mean that they all are assholes. They are doing their jobs so they can keep YOUR streets safe so they can keep the streets safe for their families and come home to them.

And just like that, my smallest sniggle bug walked in to cuddle and ask me about Spiderman.

This is our lives people… And sometimes, it sucks, but most days we are just thankful to be home safe.

Last year, while my in-laws vacationed, I watched their dog for almost a month. I wrote a post about how annoying he was and how he wouldn’t leave me alone because he wanted to be fed constantly, especially at night. No, not dog food (the bowl is always full), but people food.

Well, it’s that time of the year again… And this time around, I am 33 weeks pregnant. I am tired and have the tolerance size of a pea.

My big guy, as helpful as he is, he is starting to do this thing where he starts crying when something doesn’t go his way, (that will be done by the weekend). So really, I have no patience for much, even though I try.

So, this dog is a stubborn little punk. If it’s not his idea, he won’t go outside to potty. I have to say “squirrel” and sometimes that works. But once outside, he won’t come in when I need him to unless I yell “treat”, then I have to give him one.

He gets on the table to eat out of plates, but cries to get on the bed because he wants me to pick his fat butt and put him into the bed. NEWSFLASH… NO ONE PICKS MY ROLY POLY BUTT AND PUTS ME INTO BED. Lol

Then I have to fight for my spot in the bed. After a war with the kids to get to sleep, 3 hours later I finally get comfortable. He starts barking at me, I have to take him outside and then he’s harrassing me because he wants me to feed him people food.

No, I don’t give in, but now here I am sitting on the couch, wide awake with a dog that smells like  rotten fish (his breath), so that he doesn’t wake up Babe since he has to work in 5 hours.

My birthday is coming up and I love going to Splash Lagoon with the kids, but this dog cannot stay in a hotel room. So this is the second year in a row I’m stuck home with this pain in the ass. And that, to me, is the cherry on top. It really bugs me that plans get made 10 months in advance where I have no choice, but to stay home for my birthday and get told “I’m going to make you dinner when we get back from our vacation.” I don’t want dinner, in fact, I hate birthday dinners. I don’t want anyone singing me happy birthday…I want to hang out with my family at Splash Lagoon. Is that too much to ask for? +end rant+

Here is to day 3 out of 20! Happy Three Kings Day!!!

Fun Facts

26 Thing About Me!
A- Age: 32
B- Biggest Fear: Losing my family
C- Current Time: 11:05am
D- Drink you last had: Chocolate Milk
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Mom
F- Favorite Song: Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson
G- Ghosts, are they real: oooooh yeah
H- Hometown: Buffalove
I- In love with: My Babe
J- Jealous Of: Nothing
K- Killed Someone? No
L- Last time you cried? Yesterday
M- Middle Name: Ivette
N- Number of Siblings: 5
O- One Wish: for my family to move closer
P- Person who you last called: My Love
Q- Question you’re always asked: How are you feeling?
R- Reason to smile: my boys
S- Song last sang: Three Little Birds-Bob Marley
T- Time you woke up: 8:30
U- Underwear Color: blue
V- Vacation Destination: Australia
W- Worst Habit: biting nails
X- X-Rays you’ve had: feet
Y- Your favorite food: chocolate milk/steak and Mashed Potatoes
Z- Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

I’m Dating

Went on a date with my Stud yesterday, on a date with my little guy tonight.


He loves Ketchup

Now I have a date with my pillow, but before I zonk out (I’m super sleepy), I wanted to say…


I get ridiculously silly when I’m sleepy!

Sweet Dreams & Lots of Love,


Nothing to get rid of yesterday or today, so I am going to talk about chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk. I used to drink a gallon of milk every two days. It has been my favorite since I was a toddler. It started out with Nesquick. But I also love Yoo-hoo… Only if it’s in a can. Not in a bottle, not in the carton. But I will not turn it down… EVER!!! But I have slowed down to a glass every two weeks, maybe.


Until now! This itty-bitty baby, have reawaken my chocolate thirst. Look at what my babe got me? Eight cans, I love him! Want to see the culprit of my chocolate thirst?


At 10 weeks and 3 days…now 11 weeks and 2 days. This little things has me wanting steak…pizza…CHOCOLATE MILK!!!

I wonder how this is going to go down? We shall see…

Mini Break

It seems like time is going fast and slow at the same time. I haven’t gone to the gym, read my book, drew anything…not written on WordPress.

It is absolutely crazy how your body changes when you are pregnant. No more Yoga class for me because the heat makes me dizzy. Same as the other fun things I love to do.

The only thing I seem to be able to focus on is a little project I am working on for a friend across the ocean. I was just able to get some of my supplies…but I seem to have an issue finding a way to put my ideas together. I have too many overflowing my brain.

I have been hanging out with family and friends in spite of being super tired and not being able to get comfortable at night.

Cooking and baking has been put on the back burner…the heat makes it unbearable.

I went to see the acupuncturist who is a Chinese medicine man. He predicts that my 8 week old fetus is a girl. You know what is funny…not really funny, more aggravating than anything. People think that I am weird for going to a more natural way of living.

Excuse me, I tried western medicine and if you have an ache or pain…they give you pills for the ache and pain with tons of side effects. Instead of fixing the cause of the symptons, they mask it.

So, after 20 years of “chronic” migraines, and other ailments, it took a  chiropractor 2 visits to fix me chemically free. So, guess who is no longer getting money from me?

Oh enough of my rambling. This made me tired. I am hopefully going to take a nap.

Have a beautiful day my friends…

Mother’s Day

I spent most of my day in bed yesterday. I ended up with a toothache and stomach ache. So my sweet husband took care of the kids while I slept.

My boys gave me the coolest card and gifts.


The boys picked shirts for me. Big guy got me a pink “pocket” shirt. My little guy bought a pink Superman shirt that he’s been promising me since last summer. And my Babe, a shirt with the American flag, which I have been wanting forever. Plus a pink Swiss Army key ring because my boys think I am cool.

We did get to watch Mocking Jay and cuddled which made my day nice.

We then went to Papa and Grandma’s house in which I attempted to eat, but was unable to. So I just sat there trying not to be a party pooper.

I am so hungry right now, so tired…I moved my dentist appointment for tomorrow. I drank some chocolate milk, and am on my way to pick up pain reliever from the dentist office.

Today, will be a better day and tomorrow, even better.

Have a beautiful day my WordPress friends!