Binge Laundering

All of the laundry was thrown in baskets on the basement floor. It’s clean, but the mess..I couldn’t find anything, especially baby clothes. I just cant seem to grasp the amount of clothes we own and wear. But I brought them up and decided to tackle it all at once.

Ahhhhhh, my eye twitches when I see this…so I grabbed a garbage bag to put in the items that no longer fit. Oooooff to donation!!!

It felt so good to put this pile I the bag and I went back for more…

Pile #2 baby blankies, shirts, pants, dresses. A little bit of everything. Then there was a little bit more…

The days of matching pajamas are over for my boys. They like their own things now. Makes me sad as I see the reindeer pajamas which make me want to dig them back up. I figured two and a half 13 pound bags was the possible limit. But then, there was more. All I could think is…

This is ridiculous!

I was done taking photos, my brain is in a coma from all of the folding. Ahhh!

I have filled the 3rd bag. The boys are growing, I’m shrinking. Baby weight is almost all off. Yay, ME!

But guess what? All of that is going to be out if my house. What do you say guys?

Want to go Binge Laundering?

About Time

I broke my cellphone, so I ordered a new one. Ridiculously, my password to WordPress would not work. After 12 days…voilá! Here I am!

Well, I have been minimizing like it’s nobody’s business. Two more bags of clothes out the door! How good it feels. Less stuff in the house. 

The biggest freedom has been the baby clothes…I saved evething from my first child, from newborn to 2T. My second wore it and received more of his own clothes, which I also kept.

They say 3rd time’s a charm. As soon as i notice that the clothes are not fitting, I wash them and put them in the bag. Off to Church where some other baby can look comfy cozy. It feels good to get rid of it and knowing that it will be helping someone else.

So grateful to be able to do so… So, this is my victory blog for tonight after almost 2 weeks of wanting to kill my WP account.

Sweet dreams my people!

Get Rid of it 2017!!!

The weather outside is frightful… The south towns got slammed with snow. We have a lot of chills and winds. So, we stayed in, we stayed in, we stayed in…

We seemlessly did school work today (miracle),  the boys played with remote control cars (for hours) they received from Grandma and Papa. Then watched Scooby-Doo and Harry Potter. I forget how long the movie is, but I couldn’t back out after I absentmindedly said yes

So…I did what I have been doing (but not blogging)… Getting rid of things!!! 

So… For those who have not read before, I had posted Get Rid Of It!!! For a whole year, I aimed to get rid of something every day to get rid of clutter. Now…***GOOD WARNING*** IT GETS ADDICTING. 

Although, I didn’t get a chance to do it every single day (I have somewhat of a life you know😉). Some days I went through closets and drawers and was able to get rid of boxes of things, making up for lost time plus more.

So, sometimes I just need to do certain things… For example, the cabinet next to the bathroom. It was so cluttered and really, I had cleared it up a year or two ago, so it was driving me crazy. It doesn’t seem like much, but I got rid of two bags full of stuff. 

That is the second one… I thought, I can post this (I’m brilliant). Notice… Those are tickets to Disney on Ice that we went to last January. Reminds me that I should do that this year. We really enjoyed it. 

Then while my mind is going nuts about how I want to get rid of more and more and more. I turned into our freshly washed (not) laundry baskets. 


Yes, that is exciting! I am no longer attached to 500 baby items (must be a third baby over it type of thing). Plus bye-bye pregnancy clothes, plus bye clothes that I just bought but I lost more weight clothes. I feel accomplished.

I have to say, I’m a happy joy-joy person today. Which reminds me of Joyfully Mom who has the awesome blog Joyfull Inspirations. Check her out, her blog is full of recipies on Gluten Free goodness, healthy living and lots and lots of LOVE. I kid you NOT!!! You read her stuff even after a bad, horrible day and you wish you could grab her face and kiss it through the screen from her positivity dose.

Anyway, yeah…It is late and the man of the house shall be home soon, (I hope he brings some yummy food home cause he loves me lots).  So, I would love to give him my undivided attention and have a beer ready for him (because I love him lots).  

So, I’ll leave you with this…

Anything you do for anyone and yourself, do it with lots of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 


Kick it to the Curb

I just love his face… This is his new look when he gets spooked, sad, blowing raspberries or is thinking. 

Anyway, I had baby things I was going to give my sister for her baby, but due to her loss, I still had them.

 I had a swing, pack and play, a bassinets and a diaper genie. All just taking space in my house.
I really didn’t have the time or energy to be lugging things around to a consignment shop. I didn’t want money, and places here like the Salvation Army won’t take baby things due to safety. So, I put them out on the curb.

I didn’t throw them away, I put them out to see if people would take them. Not even one hour passed and it was all gone! I call that a win-win situation. You get rid of something while helping someone else.

Now, my gears are turning. What else can I put on the curb on garbage day?

Where is it?!?

When you own too much stuff, you cannot find a thing. We own way too many clothes. Yesterday, while trying to look for the boys underwear, I grabbed a bag. I started to put things in it.

Clothes 3T and under,  things that were faded, things that did not fit right. At the same time I folded and put things in shelves. The boys have more clothes than my husband and I.

I got rid of maternity clothes, anything I might have stretched out, and things that do not make me feel pretty. Anything with stains, rips or stitching issues.

After all said and done…


Three garbage bags full of clothes. I also made a bag full of “see you at the next house” clothes.

My mentality is that I don’t want to have mountains of clothes and also, I don’t want to move all of these clothes into the new house.

Great thing is, we are going to drop these off at the church drop box and it’s going to feel good!

Do you have to many clothes?

Pepsi Before Bed

So bad, but I really wanted to post on here…


I figured I’d start by making you smile…
I just realized the rest of my photos were in my camera… An actual camera. Isn’t crazy how a smart phone can replace, your camera, calculator, alarm clock, planner, calendar, radio, encyclopedias, books, stamps and envelopes, house phones… talk about decluttering your life.

I like to use my camera, my planner, my little stereo, I like to write handwritten letters, punch the buttons on a calculator. I like going to the library and checking out books. I sometimes leave my cell at home to try to treat it like a house phone. Although, I’ve never ever ever, like setting an alarm… Sooo alarm clock, be GONE!!!

Although, they are more work, I don’t want to be glued to my phone. To depend on one thing that can be gone and then I lose everything! I don’t want to be lost without phone. But it is the age of technology.

I almost want to buy a car where you crank the windows, pop in a CD or tape, 80’s car… Am I old? Am I the only one that feels this way?

I want my kids to know technology, but to live functioning, not living on a touch screen… I mean, right now you can see the world with a touch of a button, which is wonderful, but I want my kids to travel the world and be curious.

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Get Rid of it Turned 1!!!

And I missed it!!! By 20 days exactly!!! Oh, I haven’t stopped getting rid of things, I just haven’t been talking photos nor logging it… With a new baby and everything that went on with my father on law’s heart surgery, me having the obnoxious dog, my body and mind being absolutely beat up… My blogging took a back seat…

One year of getting rid of one unneeded thing or more!!! I still did it…I did more that 365 things…

One way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of things you don’t need, try keeping things simple and to stop buying things just because.

Although, this chapter is now closed… Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop getting rid of things… I’m not going to stop until I have only what I need.

The End.

Get Rid of It!!! Day 338

Sheesh, it has been tough being able to sit and focus on writing. My house is a ridiculous mess! But Babe has gotten the nesting bug and he had gotten rid of lots of things. I counted four bags of clothes, but there biggest things was our couch.


That is the bottom half, we had to disassemble it to get it out. We were going save it, but it was just crazy. So out it went.

The biggest clutter problem is paper, so I am going to table one month’s worth of mail and papers.


And to distract you from the mess, here’s a picture of my little monster.


Good night friends…

Get Rid of it!!! Day 310

RETURNS!!! We are so awful at returning things. I call our home “the black hole.”

We can put it by the door, we can put a sign, we can put flashing lights and we still will forget to take it with us.

But today…dun, dun, dun…


This massager that even at its lowest setting will rattle your brain. It’s going back to its home at Bed Bath & Beyond!

Hope you can make someone else happy!