Happy Birthday Munchkin

My sweet baby boy has been saying he’s 4 years old since he was 2. He wanted to be like his brother, so 4 he has been.

This year though, he finally growing. He said he’s going to be 5! He’s saying good-bye to 4 and although, I am so proud that he’s growing and healthy, I am sad to say goodbye to his babyness. 

This is my angel face, his last day being 4.  I call him my Angel Face because he truly has a beautiful smile, and in natural light, his eyes are the spakliest blue. When I look at his face when he’s laughing, it fills my heart with pure joy and love.

I told him that instead of me planning his birthday, that he could plan it, himself. So, of course he picked a black panther birthday theme, which no one here has, but we are making it happen. 

He requested vinegar chips, chocolate cake with peanut butter filling with chocolate frosting, guacamole, pizza and to watch a movie with popcorn. I almost forgot, chocolate milk. He requested all his favorites so he can share it with his cousins. 

He had one more which he asked ever so sweetly, if we could please take him to Bounce Magic so he can bounce. 

Luckily, we are able to do this for him, so he shall get it. He will turn 5 at 5:02 this morning as you can see, I am trying to delay his not being 4 anymore. I hope I never forget this time in his life, unfortunately, I know I can’t hold on to every detail, but I will try for as long as I can.

Still, I want to wish my Angel Face a sweet 5th birthday… May he grow up healthy and full of love. I am so lucky to be his mommy! 



Just because I talked about slowing my mouth down. My sweet boys suggested that we’d start my birthday with going to Paula’s doughnuts! How can I say “no”? Their enthusiasm makes it the more exciting! But right before we left, my little guy serenaded me by singing Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” on his new little guitar.

I ordered a bagel with cream cheese, a glazed doughnut which I shared with all of them and a large coffee.


After the sweetness overload, we had to stop at the toy store because the boys had to pick up my birthday present. I couldn’t go in because my little guy said he was getting me a pink Power Ranger and I couldn’t see it because it was a surprise. How I love him! So here I am waiting in the van.


After that, we decided to do on a mission to find a backpack that my laptop would fit in that would also work as a baby bag. We went to Buy Buy Baby, Dicks and Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS). Babe has this obsession with EMS. I don’t like going there because it’s expensive, but I found a bag. It was on sale, the quality is good and its pretty, but not too girly, Actually, I may have to add some girly details to it.


By this point, we got hungry, drove to Texas Road House, but it didn’t open for another hour. So we drove to Outback Steakhouse. I was good…I ordered water, Sirloin steak, with garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and a side salad with Vinaigrette. Yay Me! Of course, Babe told the waitress about my birthday and they sang me their birthday song topped with an ice cream sundae. I ate two bites and passed it to the boys. Hooray, for self control!!!

Being absolutely tired, I opted for us to go home. Where I got my card and presents from the boys.


Pink and Yellow Power Rangers!!! I gotta say, I wanted these when I was a kid, so I love them. We played and then I put on Power Rangers on the TV because I was just tired.

After a nice tubby, the boys brought me my ice cream cake and sang me Happy Birthday!


Big guy said he picked it because he’s the penguin, little guy is the polar bear and baby is the snowman. Oh, it was the most delicious cake ever!

After the boys went to bed, babe and I spent some time together, we watched X-Files and I fell asleep on the couch.

I have to say, it was a great day! I am thankful.

Good Bye Apple

Oooooh, it sounds like another rant, but I promise, it’s not. I woke up with the awful thought that my husband was hurt at work. And literally cried for what seemed like forever from the fear and pain in my heart. Oooooh pregnancy hormones, how not nice are thee.

I cleaned the house which makes me feel better and accomplished, then my sis came for a couple of hours and we chilled and talked which was super nice. I started spelling, writing, Spanish and Sign Language with my boys. And so far…. Super awesome!

I had a container of Trader Joe’s organic Squash soup and I added chicken and rice to make a nice, quick meal for Babe for when he got home. Definitely a keeper!

We went to the Mac Store and gave them our iMac. Good news, we found out what was wrong, bad news… They don’t replace parts on them after 5 years. We spent $3000 because they said it would last a really long time, but no… They literally told us… Sorry… You can buy a new one. I told Babe he can throw it in the trash, buy he said that he may just try to fix it himself, which really, my man is awesome. We went to the Geek Squad at Best Buy where they told us that we can just convert it to a PC!  Which made our day.

And then Babe told me, “pick your laptop Babe, Happy Birthday!” I could have picked ANYTHING I wanted. But I am not really picky, I could have gotten the i7 processor, but chose the i5. It was half the price. Plus, I wanted a DVD/CD burner. So I got an Asus, with 1TB Hard drive, reader/player…With great reviews. I don’t need expensive. I just opened it….


Oooooh, pretty and shiny….


But the battery was dead so I couldn’t use it. So it’s charging… I am super excited though! Now, I for some reason, want to decorate it. I don’t know how, but I am… Yay! Now, I can listen to my relaxation CD while doing lessons or blogging!!! (Raise the roof baby!)  I can do ANYTHING!!!

I am really tired though, so I am going to get some shut eye my friends. I hope the dog let’s me sleep. If there are typos or things that don’t make sense… I apologize.

Anyway, how was your day?

So Crafty


I couldn’t find my birthday wrapping paper. So I found the next best thing. Chalkboard wrapping paper. $3 at Target. Then I also made an origami bow. Instructions below…


It feels so good to get crafty once again. Hooray! Even if it’s for 5 minutes! It’s so pretty!

Have fun making bows.

Lots of Love,

Busy Bee

Another night where I chose sleep over blogging. I woke up after a long night of the boys waking  up for whatever reasons and I got  the boys dressed. We  got in the van and off to Carruba to find out what was the damage of my sweet, sweet van.

$6000!!! And some other damage discovered that apparently happened at home! The kids next door are always playing baseball and outgoing our cars… There are rents and scratches everywhere…. What do we do?

I got a rental…I had a choice between a Nissan and a pick up truck…I drove away in the car… Instantly, I felt little and missed my van. All of the big cars around me…I felt miniscule.

We went to McDonald’s for breakfast, the boys were miserable. My little guy has been peeing on his pants every time he goes to the bathroom. He waits to the last minute. I guess I need to start just making them go. By the time we left, I was in a gross mood. So we went to the zoo!



I figured, a little fresh air will do us good and I can work on a neat school pic on big guy.

We then went to Target where I got my sis in law a Bday present, went home to frost the cake, then left for gymnastics. The instructor got upset with my big guy for not getting the parallel bars right. Being his third class… I didn’t see any of the kids getting it right. The other boys… This was their 9th class. So I don’t know. I’ll let him do his job.

We went straight to Aunt Erin’s house for her birthday party. Where everyone went in the hit tub while I stuffed my face.

By the time I got home, it was 8pm and I was in a coma. I put the boys to bed and I passed out. That’s it… Lights out.

Have a beautiful day, lots of love,

I’m Back

We have been busy! We took the boys to out on dates(inspired by my blogging friend Ginger)… I had Frankie first date, daddy had Alex.



Then the next day, we switched!



The day after that, we went to the cabin for four days for daddy’s birthday!


There he is on his birthday present, which he beamed in. Apparently, I’m the best wife ever! I can totally live with that.

We are home now where I found two bags of quenepas on my doorstep from my sister.


It is a fruit from Puerto Rico… So delish! We can only get it in the fall, and since I can’t go to the west side due to the neighborhood, I go years without tasting this yummy treat. That is what’s left, because I am eating them by tonight. Yummm!

That is my update, my friends…

Have a great day, sweet dreams and lots of love,


Sunday “Not-So-Fitness” Summary

My babies did a great job picking out my cake and candles! Daddy is a great helper too :)

My babies did a great job picking out my cake and candles! Daddy is a great helper too ūüôā


Dandelion Steak Sandwich

French Fries




So stuffed I skipped it


Stuffed Shells with spaghetti sauce



Snacks include

Ice Cream Cake

Total Calories Today: 1655


***Family Time***

***According to My Fitness Pal, I will be 141 pounds in 5 Weeks***

I did not work out today, I ate out, and had great time! The breakfast I ate was super high in calories¬†975,¬†YIKES!!! But hey, it’s my birthday and I’ll eat what I want to!!! I spent the day with my loves and I could not have had a better day! I am so blessed, but tomorrow I am going to kick my own butt at the gym…

Until Next Time

Relax and enjoy life!!!

Birthday Goodness

So, it’s my birthday and I cry if I want to. Of happy tears of course! Actually, tomorrow is my birthday, but my husband and I have this awful issue. We cannot hold presents from each other for too long. We always end up giving each other presents early because our excitement is just too much. If I buy a christmas present in October, it will never make it to christmas, I convert it to an “I love you” present. I am actually really surprised he held up for however long!

I love drawing, coloring, singing, dancing, just about everything that is about creating something. One thing I was upset about was not being successful in art class. Mrs. Dobouis, made sure to tell me how awful I was, even when I thought I was improving, it was never good. I became so ashamed, I quit. Not very proud of quitting, but anyway, I have been talking about trying again. My sweet love, who does absolutely everything he can to make me happy, surprised me with my gifts below!

DSC_7163He had our cuties pies give them to me (melt my heart). Everything I need to get started. He even is encouraging me to take classes if I want. He truly is the most wonderful person I have met in my life and I do not know what I ever have done to deserve such a blessing. Something that’s not pictured is the beautiful sparkly pink paper he wrapped part of it in! Soooooo pretty!!! This is not the best part of my birthday….no way…the best part of it is that we are going to cuddle and watch a movie!!! I think ice cream cake is also in the plan, so I think it’s my best birthday ever!!!! ***Every birthday with my three boys is my best birthday ever!!!***

I am so beyond excited that I am going to take advantage of my quiet time to get started! YAY!!!