Over a Month

It’s been over a month since my last post. Life has been busy. By the time I get down time, I’m not inclined to post. Could it be that my blog days are coming to an end? Or is it just a dry spell? Either way, I’m happy.

I think I’m at a stage in life where I am just happy. I started this blog because I was lost. I forgot who I was. I was sad, lonely, unsure of myself, but I’ve come a long way.

I’ve figured out a lot of things since I started this bblog. Being a mom and wife, you tend to forget that you were once your own person and you wear out. I started to blog to figure things out and I think I have.

I have decluttered my life (most of it). We donate what we no longer need around the house and even though we have a long way to go, we’ve come a long way and that is just dandy. 

Also, I’ve decluttered my life from toxic people. It really is amazing when you realize that someone in your life can be so toxic. They justify being cruel with being honest, but in a one way street sort of way. Get Rid of Them!

Replace the toxic friends with good friends. Ah, the difference can lift you up so high, you then wonder why it took you so long. Fear of change…LET IT GO! preach it Elsa!

Remember what made you happy and do it. For me, it has been drawing, dancing, listening to music. Now I draw, sing and dance with my boys. Combining all my loves together.

Take time for yourself. Quiet time can be so nice. But also hanging out with the girls once in a while. Feel so good.

Take time with your spouse. I can’t even tell you how much better things are between myself and my eye candy hunk of a man. Taking time to cuddle and watch a show, letting Grandma watch the kids so we can have a cup of coffee in the sweet sound of nothing. It almost takes you back to the years before the house and kids. Oh, the sweetness.

Talking about sweetness…

My youngest and oldest had birthdays. 

My piece of heaven turned 7!!! Wow, it still amazes me how big 7 is.

He’s lost four teeth and is so big. Too big, too responsible, too sweet for a 7 year old. I love who he is, but he acts like a grown up. I have to silly him up a little bit. Nevertheless, I’m lucky to be his mommy. I miss his babyness.

My monja-monja baby just turned 1! Two days before his biggest brother.

This guy is walking, talking, even pointed his finger at me and said “Dada”, so I had to call Dada so he could tell on me. This guy has 4 teeth (He took his brothers). Loves to eat and he is so much fun.

My grateful meter blew a fuse. It’s on overload. I have a wonderful husband and children. Great friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Really love that smile! 

Love my crew! 

Does this mean I have figured out everything?  NO WAY!!! I still lose my cool, think I need to be locked up and given a time out. Homeschooling can be hair pulling awful. I still could tone up, meh. My house is still messy, I could be more social. I have not gotten the cooking thing down…ahhhhh! 

But I’m no longer drowning. I don’t need this blog anymore. I’m ok. I’m going to make it. Bittersweet, but relieving. I will stick around, but just to check others out and maybe I can figure out something else to write about.

Writing this is so freeing…hope you find your freedom as well…

Hilton Head!!! Day 8

How I love the ocean! The smell of the salt water, the sound of the waves, the beauty of it! Although…do not ask me to go swimming in it…lol.


It is so relaxing. We have thought of the possibility of moving down here. We can breath better, my husband does not get head aches here, I don’t get bone aches from the cold and snow just sucks. But we would need to find jobs…an affordable home. I don’t care if we are an hour from the beach, as long as we can get there.

That’s what we talked about on our little getaway. We left the kids at the beach with the in-laws while we went for coffee and hummus at the Market Cafe.

We walked pointing at all the beautiful places on sale that we wish we could afford. I do not want to wait till retirement to move here. Alas, we will figure something out.

I sat at the beach looking at my what I hope is a food belly from all of theĀ  eating I have been doing. How much I am looking forward to yoga on Saturday!

I had cooking duty today, so I made Spanish rice and beans with a whole roasted chicken. I decided to have some cheap vino juice.


While everyone was at the beach then at the swimming pool. My little guy and I did spend some time eating cookies and M&M’s.

Everyone loved my dinner! The kids ate it which is awesome!

It did get loud and so I put my headphones on and listened to music. Then I broke away after dinner and watched TV shows about Boston Marathon Survivors.

(It has been two years since the attack. Almost 300 people injured some lost limbs, three lost their lives. If you would like to help go click here.)

But now to bed I must go.

Until Next Time My Friend,

Support Boston!