Local Draft

That is what my WP is full with. I have so many excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, my main one being… Writer’s block, I start typing and blank. 

I have tons of things I can write about. I can log my weight loss, which really…I haven’t been losing because I’ve been stuffing my face and not exercising. I’m okay with it. Not complaining. 

I can write about the things I get rid of. Seriously, my house is a black whole. I get rid of a million things to make space, and my sweet husband brings a chair that covers half the house. But, I always forget to take photos, why? Because I don’t want to live with my phone in my hand. 

I can write about the food I’ve been making.. I made some awesome bruschetta and hummus with my new food processor that my wonderful guy got me for Christmas. But like I said, phone on hand.. Not lately. 

I can’t forget to mention that I keep just losing my phone for days on end. Why? Because I want freedom. I want to be beep free. Sometimes, I’d like a land line for old times sake. 

I can write about my children, but really, I’m just tired, comatose, exhausted. 

It’s all good though. Is 2017 now… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE… I’m going to sleep. Sweet Dreams.


A Bit of This and That

I worked on numbers, sight words and days of the week with my boys before they finally agreed to eat breakfast. I cleaned the refrigerator and the kitchen and forced the kids to go play outside on this beautiful day. “No toys” I said, I wanted then to use their imaginations.

While they played, I created part of the curriculum I will be following this year since I am homeschooling officially. I looked up what the state retirements are and started to find fun things to do.

In and out the boys came to asking for water, to have a snack, needed a boo boo kissed.

Something was bugging me about the short story I submitted since before I submitted it. It seemed short for a 1000 words. I couldn’t figure out why, the word counter said over 1000, so I cut the story. Then I figured out what happened…. Ready? It was over 1000 characters, not words… Lol. Typical me! So…. Yeah…  Talk about a short story, lol.

So after my brilliant realization my babe, who did not get my story at all (go figure), got home from work. We had a couple of beers, fired up the grill and made dinner.


Yes, my hamburger was half gone. So yummy and no burger bun for me. This tasty hamburger was seasoned with my special adobo, grilled over charcoal, topped with grilled onion and mushrooms, super spicy jalapeño, with mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard. Absolutely delish with a side of green and Mexican beer.

After stuffing our faces, we all took showers, watched a documentary that everyone fell asleep watching except me because I am writing. But I am going to be fine for now. I am exhausted. I bid you adieu!

Look at this Blonde!

So she is Blonde, she is funny and she wants to write a bestseller. She is a high five extraordinaire and my international blogging bff from across the pond (drum roll please!) She is BLONDEUSK!!!

I only try read her blog posts when I am alone. Only because I want to give her posts my undivided attention. This has caused me to shamelessly lock myself in the bathroom and calling “private time” on numerous occasions.

I must have my daily dose of funny and entertainment. Whether she has two mannequin heads argue about which is better or whether she is capable of letting go of an expensive looking red balloon, you will find yourself asking for more.

My favorite, is the short story called “Enid” which was featured in University Creativityinc14 Magazine. This story is about a serial killer who preys for its victims at a diner. Ooh, the twist…the twist…

Just check out how awesome she is! Seriously, click here…NOW!☺

Our Dining Room!

So, I figured I would show you where we put the bookcase which now hold our dishes.


Welcome to my colorful dining room. Because I am a girl from the Caribbean, I demand that my home is lively with colors.

We have been rearranging the house over and over trying to figure this out. We knocked down arches and walls. This room in particular started as a living room, but now it s our dining room.

We have a gift certificate for an interior designer… But I think I rather know what people from WordPress have to say.

Until Next Time,

What do you think?

Dentists, Cleaning and Sweets! Oh My!

I went to the dentist at 9am to get a cavity filled…to find out I needed a root canal, work on a crown on top of the cavity. After I nearly hyperventilated, they told me they could knock me out for $976 that I would have to pay out of pocket. Luckily, I can finance that. Surprise, surprise! I scheduled my appointment, but it ruined my day.

Our friend needed help moving things out of his ex wife’s garage. This makes me nervous because people like to give is things and I am trying to get rid of things.

Well, he was giving us a book shelf that he insisted will fit in our home.


Pretty, it does fit, but it is very big. We appreciate it! And of course, we were happy to help a friend. In helping our friend, we also inherited two boxes of toys, a telescope (cool, I always wanted one), shirts and hats, winter boots(which we got rid of my old ones), and a drum set.

Well, I spent a quite amount of time cleaning yesterday, so having all of that stuff on what was my clean foyer put me in a crankier mood.  I did a lot of pacing and my husband kindly gave me a shot of tequila (so gross, but surprisingly effective).

I don’t care, I am tired of doing things I need to do like clean so I left the mess, sat in the computer and watched Wrestlemania 31! I am so happy Undertaker won, same with Daniel Bryan and John Cena. I wished Brock Lesnar would quit (he doesn’t seem like a nice person at all) even out of the ring, but he lost which is satisfaction to me.

I made organic brownies from scratch and made Sundays! And then passed out and slept wonderfully!


Brownie, French Vanilla Ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles!

Until Next Time My Friend,

End the nights sweetly, with hugs and kisses!

Rest In Peace


I saw that one of my old classmates passed away. I don’t remember much of him other than I had a crush on him in 5th grade. I don’t even remember if we went to high school together. But in my head, we are just all a bunch of kids that went to school together.

I do know that it makes me sad that he died. He was married and was a father.

His family is in my prayers! May he rest in peace.

Until Next Time My Friend,

A moment of silence for Josh Hakes!