About Time

I broke my cellphone, so I ordered a new one. Ridiculously, my password to WordPress would not work. After 12 days…voilá! Here I am!

Well, I have been minimizing like it’s nobody’s business. Two more bags of clothes out the door! How good it feels. Less stuff in the house. 

The biggest freedom has been the baby clothes…I saved evething from my first child, from newborn to 2T. My second wore it and received more of his own clothes, which I also kept.

They say 3rd time’s a charm. As soon as i notice that the clothes are not fitting, I wash them and put them in the bag. Off to Church where some other baby can look comfy cozy. It feels good to get rid of it and knowing that it will be helping someone else.

So grateful to be able to do so… So, this is my victory blog for tonight after almost 2 weeks of wanting to kill my WP account.

Sweet dreams my people!

Get Rid of It!!! Day 300

Sadly, I do not have a photo today…but I have a list of things that went goodbye! 

Diaper Genie!!! I just got one as a hand me down, but I have no room for it and plus, that is what the garbage can is for.

Baby Bouncer: another hand me down, I ended up with 3 in a matter of days, but since I only need two, one for the cottage and one for home, one is going bye.

Spices: I actually had repeats of spices, so I consolidated and recycled the containers.

Kitchen Utensils: I cleaned three drawers today, I got rid of broken utensils, extra ones and ones I didn’t even know what they were.

Baby Bumbo like seat: as much as I would like to keep it, I have no room for it. 

Boxes: why is it that I end up hoarding boxes? It’s so strange how I go into a room and there is always some sort of box in it. I got rid of 6 today. If I wake up and I see a box, it means this house is haunted, lol.

Recycled or donated!!! Feels good!!! Now, instead of going to sleep, I am going to rearrange my splurged on Diaper bag my baby brain told me I must have, because it is the coolest diaper bag EVER!!! I am doing this only to divert my brain from the fact that my brand new laptop has a cracked screen and I have no idea why!!! Good thing I have insurance on it!

Declutter your life my friends!

Get Rid of if!!! Days 245-264


It has been 20 days since I have posted, but I have stopped getting rid of things. In fact every time I do laundry, I’ve been finding things that can be donated. This bag has 40 articles of clothing. Things we like but don’t wear, things that do not fit, things we no longer like, things that need to disappear out of our house! I keep putting them in this bag until full so we can donate it! It is full my friends!
Out to donation it will go! With the amount of things in there I have been getting rid of 2 things a day! Cool Huh?

Have you been getting rid of stuff?

Get Rid of it!!! Day 164-180

Oooooh my goodness, I have totally neglected to post on my Get Rid of it!!! For 16 days (hangs head in shame).

All of this fixing the house thing has taken over my brain like an alien from outer space. But as manic as I have been over fixing the house, I have also been donating as if my life depends on it.

We took a truck load of clothes, linens, purses. And remember this couch?


It is now gone!!! When I cleaned the basement, I decided that all of the kitchen appliances that I haven’t used are also goners like my George Foreman grill, a coffee maker I wish I never bought, food processor (because I have three), 2 rice pots, an old pots and pans set that I saved after I replaced it. Let’s see… An apple peeler and corer, and who knows what else that I have forgotten to list.

But I will try to be better with this…

Cravings & Get Rid of it!!! Day 161-163

I had a craving for a specific kind of chocolate chip cookie. When I was little, my mom and I used to play tea party. She used to put Pepsi on the tea kettle and chocolate chip cookies on the little plates. For some reason that memory came up and I had to have the cookies.

I called Mami, because I went to the store and couldn’t find them. So today, she sent me a text message in the morning to open my door. Hanging was a bag full of my cookies! She had my sister bring them for me! So awesome!

After stuffing my face, I got to work!


All of this stuff is heading out. Most is storage, some donation and one bag of garbage. The box of actually empty. I was just looking at it thinking, “I don’t remember putting anything in the box.” Yes, welcome to my brain.

My brain is over thinking about a million things. The bills, soccer, boys gym class, their curriculum, cleaning up, moving out, fixing house. I need to make another list. I like crossing things off. Vision issues, g2go.

Take it easy…

GET RID OF IT!!! DAY 152 & 153

After being so sick with a cold and the mean headache, I took the advice of my loved ones and took it easy. But that does not mean that I didn’t do anything…no way! I am in a mission where I am going to MOVE OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!! I’m all tough now, but wait till it’s time to hand over the keys… I’ll be an emotional mess.

I have boxes full of craft stuff and stationary. I went through a bunch and got rid of all things I know I’m not going to use. All markers that did not work. Oooooh, the pens, pencils and even more coloring books…

We then packed the truck and took things to the cottage where there was a big party! We ate, the kids played… I stuffed my face only to throw it all up when I got home. Hey, at least I’m getting rid of some calories. I think it was the pudding that put me over the edge.

I slept great today until 5am when little guy woke up crying because he peed on the bed. I ate a granola bar and got into the mode. I decided to take my memory boxes. I have everything in there from my life before husband. Which is from my birth(1983) till 2004. So literally about 7 boxes. I tackled them all(who knows? I may have missed one. Getting rid of photos of landscapes,  meaningless cards, stationary. It was fun going through all of these memories.

I started to take photos of them and sent them to my family and friends. We had some good giggles.

For example:


Here, my sister was slamming the door crying because I was chasing her around with the camera. Now, before you think I’m mean, the reason why I chased her with the camera was because she took a photo of me scratching my butt, so it was payback. No, I don’t know where the other photo of me is our I would have posted it.


This was my 5th birthday party at McDonald’s in Puerto Rico. These are some cousins apparently. I don’t remember all of them well since we live so far away from each other.


This one, I am dancing with my friends no other than The Macarena. I am the one with the super long hair. Too bad headaches keep me from growing it out.

Out of those 7 boxes, I consolidated to 1…everything else is being donated or recycled.

I then went to the school to find out why they haven’t sent me my homeschooling package, and to pick up a school calendar. Then took the boys out to Just Pizza! They have awesome pizza! I bet Buffalo, NY has the best pizza places in the world. Also best wings, doughnuts and hot dogs. This place is food awesome! Then the boys requested to go home.

I then managed to tackle a dresser in the attic that used belong to babe. We don’t use it because it tips easy and it almost fell on my big guy. But he is convinced that we should keep it and bolt it to the wall, (sigh). I just want to get rid of it, it’s not worth it.

After all of that stuff was done, we are, took showers then ate some toast with butter. Babe read some Air Bender comic book to the boys and here I am, cross-eyed…lol

I don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow, it all depends on how I feel, so good night for now!


Get Rid of it!!! Day 150

Oooooh, I have gone CRAAAAAAAAZY! I mentioned previously that we decided to move, but in order to do that, we have to fix the house and of course get rid of stuff, clean, ect.

So we found THE perfect house… But then reality smacked us in the face. We cannot buy a house until we sell ours. So after our Mac (which I cannot explain how disappointed I am with apple because it has been nothing but trouble), started just being ridiculously loud, we decided to get started. Babe fixing the house, me packing it and getting rid of stuff.

After going to the basement to do my least favorite thing first, not having any boxes, I went in circles and finally just got so aggravated, I plopped on the couch. Two seconds later, Babe sits next to me and says “I can’t do this right now, I don’t know where to start.”

What do you think we did? We ordered Chinese, watched some shows, he took a nap and I sat to look at our inspection from when we bought the house. We have fixed almost everything on the list.

After stuffing my face…


Actually, I ate more than that… I had been craving Chinese for a while now.

But then I got to business, I went to the boys room and I started to clean it out. Since it’s the room with the least work needed, I figured I’d start there and clear out the clutter.


This bag is full of books that the boys do not care for any more…


These linens are going to the cottage (where we are keeping our stuff, until we move).


We are giving this dresser to my sister in law.

Babe worked hard as well, he put the woodwork up on three windows! Hooray!

I probably just tackled 1% of the tasks that needed to be done, but in order to paint, I would like to have the least things as possible.

So far, so good.