What have I been up to?

Reading…I read a book that was so boring that it took me forever to read. I can’t leave a book unfinished, it’s some sort of OCD, it was painful.

Drawing… My son and I have discovered Art for kids Hub on YouTube and we have tons and tons fun drawing together. Take a look at THE WALL.

Homeschooling… Math, vocab, phonics (anywhere we land). Ninja Warrior, karate, soccer, club fun day, library day story time. Field trips through the ying yang… Having a hard time not falling asleep just listing this stuff.

Baby… Yes, there’s a baby in the equation here. He said “Mama” today. So official, I’m The Mama.

One second later…

Sickness… Two different colds in three weeks. And it sure rotated around the house. (Cough, cough) baby has been very sensitive today.

Cooking… Tomato soup, chicken soup, squash soup, chicken soup again. It is getting chilly out and with all of the sickness, you can’t go wrong with soup. Oatmeal, grilled cheese, fries with Mandarin chicken, easy meals because Mama is burning out.

Laundry… Does it ever end? I just donated two large garbage bags full of clothes. Still, there is more that can be given, but it will be done in due time. 

This… Was… A… Very… Bad… Day! Because folded clothes scream CONFETTI TIME!!!

How about first grade photos?

I took this while we were on a walk.

I took this one at Bird Kingdom and it turned out perfect. I love it.

Promises…I made a bottle opener and a blog friend liked it, so I promised I would make her one, but, I got pregnant and really sick. I still have everything and am working on ideas to get started. I don’t break my promises and I will finish it with lots of love and send it to my friend across the pond.

Marriage… Last but definitely not least. I have been paying attention to the man of the house. It is easy to forget to take care of either, but we are working on spending time just him and I which is what we are going to to right now…

Good Night!