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Don Charisma

In follow up to my post today “THIS IS A SAD DAY FOR BLOGGING” –  It seem there’s a small contingent who like to go around calling bloggers like Jason Cushman – “Spam Follower” or “Spam Liker”. Because in their opinion the blogger wasn’t making a “genuine” or “authentic” connection or like.


As a friend used to say to me :

Opinions are like ass-holes, everyone’s got one …

I say this because opinions are subjective, that is based on personal experiences and bias’. They are not “the truth”, sometimes they are an individual’s version of the truth. Basically take an opinion with a pinch of salt … especially those who incorporate name calling into their opinions !

Anyway – My experience of Jason is quite to the contrary – Jason is one of the least “spammy” people I know on WordPress. He’s always been 100% personable and…

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