Over a Month

It’s been over a month since my last post. Life has been busy. By the time I get down time, I’m not inclined to post. Could it be that my blog days are coming to an end? Or is it just a dry spell? Either way, I’m happy.

I think I’m at a stage in life where I am just happy. I started this blog because I was lost. I forgot who I was. I was sad, lonely, unsure of myself, but I’ve come a long way.

I’ve figured out a lot of things since I started this bblog. Being a mom and wife, you tend to forget that you were once your own person and you wear out. I started to blog to figure things out and I think I have.

I have decluttered my life (most of it). We donate what we no longer need around the house and even though we have a long way to go, we’ve come a long way and that is just dandy. 

Also, I’ve decluttered my life from toxic people. It really is amazing when you realize that someone in your life can be so toxic. They justify being cruel with being honest, but in a one way street sort of way. Get Rid of Them!

Replace the toxic friends with good friends. Ah, the difference can lift you up so high, you then wonder why it took you so long. Fear of change…LET IT GO! preach it Elsa!

Remember what made you happy and do it. For me, it has been drawing, dancing, listening to music. Now I draw, sing and dance with my boys. Combining all my loves together.

Take time for yourself. Quiet time can be so nice. But also hanging out with the girls once in a while. Feel so good.

Take time with your spouse. I can’t even tell you how much better things are between myself and my eye candy hunk of a man. Taking time to cuddle and watch a show, letting Grandma watch the kids so we can have a cup of coffee in the sweet sound of nothing. It almost takes you back to the years before the house and kids. Oh, the sweetness.

Talking about sweetness…

My youngest and oldest had birthdays. 

My piece of heaven turned 7!!! Wow, it still amazes me how big 7 is.

He’s lost four teeth and is so big. Too big, too responsible, too sweet for a 7 year old. I love who he is, but he acts like a grown up. I have to silly him up a little bit. Nevertheless, I’m lucky to be his mommy. I miss his babyness.

My monja-monja baby just turned 1! Two days before his biggest brother.

This guy is walking, talking, even pointed his finger at me and said “Dada”, so I had to call Dada so he could tell on me. This guy has 4 teeth (He took his brothers). Loves to eat and he is so much fun.

My grateful meter blew a fuse. It’s on overload. I have a wonderful husband and children. Great friends. What more can a girl ask for?

Really love that smile! 

Love my crew! 

Does this mean I have figured out everything?  NO WAY!!! I still lose my cool, think I need to be locked up and given a time out. Homeschooling can be hair pulling awful. I still could tone up, meh. My house is still messy, I could be more social. I have not gotten the cooking thing down…ahhhhh! 

But I’m no longer drowning. I don’t need this blog anymore. I’m ok. I’m going to make it. Bittersweet, but relieving. I will stick around, but just to check others out and maybe I can figure out something else to write about.

Writing this is so freeing…hope you find your freedom as well…

So Long

I have been sleeping. Yup, getting snoozes because… Priorities. I don’t want to be tired. I am anyway, but writing has fallen to the bottom because I need sleep.

I read a book! I read Captive Hope by Rachel Ritchie! It was good, I would read until I became cross-eyed with exhaustion. But guess what? I finished it!

This book made you feel everything. Love, anger, happy sad, hope, hopelessness, fear, bravery, suspense… And I finished it. Hooray!

My life is a list of unfinished projects. The oldest one being a bottle opener I promised a certain blond friend. I have all of the items, but I just need a moment to do my thing. I may have to ask my in-laws to watch my boys. But I will finish it off its the last thing I do. Muah-ha-haaaaa!

Our house! Still haven’t finished it to sell.

The Love Dare, I have been continuing it, but have not blogged about it. I will catch up on that later.

Blog battle: aw sheesh, it took me two weeks to get two sentences done.

I have been busy looking at curriculums for my boy to go to first grade and realized that I don’t want to be a slave to school work. My boy is smart and he ends up learning more from playing. So, I am not going to spend a lot of money on these curriculums, instead I’m going with Easy Peasy. This AWESOME mom put everything into one website, she even has a sister website for High School! And it’s Free! Unless you want to do offline, then her books are affordably available, which I am going to purchase from Amazon. I don’t want my babe on the computer so much.

I want to keep my life as simple as possible so we can enjoy life as much we can. Because we only get one life, we might as well enjoy it.

Until Next Read…

Sweet Dreams!


He had sweet potato baby food for the first time today, yum!

Blank Space

Oh boy, it has been four days since my last post. I’ve had lots to say, but I blank out when I sit in front of my blank WordPress page. For starters, here are my boys 2015 school photos…


I used his finger to write his name and year and his favorite colors are green and blue.


My big guy wrote his own name and his favorite colors are red and blue. Because I used my phone and not my D3100, I have some blur, but I’m not upset about it. It’s a learning experience, plus I did these myself so they are FREE. Another thing I love about these photos is that these are genuine happy faces, the boys were having fun. So the photos also spark memories.

Saturday, the boys and I stayed in. I needed a break. But my big guy and I made cards, he made two for his cousin… One inviting her over on a play date, the other one wishing her to feel better since she has pneumonia. I made one for his other cousin, who’s birthday party we went to later on. It was fun… Our cousin home schools her kids and she gave me a load of information. I truly enjoy her company.

Sunday, the boys went off to their grandparents to spend the night even though my little guy was not feeling well. He insisted on going, so we couldn’t say no. I went and started Christmas shopping in which at Target when you spend $100, you save $25. Plus, having their card saves you and extra 5%. Awesome!!! Babe went to the Bills game with his cousins in which of course they lost (again). But they had fun and that’s all that matters.

When Babe got home he took a nap and I searched the net to order more things from online. We then watched the second half of The Walking Dead Season 5 and 2 episodes of American Horror Story… Which we did not enjoy, so we are going to skip the freak show.

Monday morning… No kids around, we stayed in bed till 11… Got a call from the in-laws that they were going to drop the boys off because, my sis in-law was having a breakdown due to her daughter being sick and her husband working all week and she doesn’t know how she’s going to handle it. And she believes that it’s going to be that hard when he leaves for 6 months for training. (That was a mouthful.)

Anyway, we got another call back that they wanted to play with the boys. So Babe and I went to the bookstore, then grocery shopping. We got home and Papa came with the boys with a box of doughnuts. Babe made soup and brought it over to his Sis. And Papa hung out with us.


Here he is trying to take a nap and my Coley-Cole giving him some loving.


Here are my my boys napping on me. As soon as little guy got home, he just wanted to cuddle.

Grandma came over, to have dinner with us and watch The Alamo. They went him home because they weren’t feeling so well.

Tuesday, boys stayed home from swim and soccer because they were sick and we layed low. We went to the chiropractor and back home where we had steak salad for dinner and watched The Last Airbender.

Wednesday, it was the boys turn to go to the chiropractor. They truly love that place. They automatically feel better. I got great info on midwives. I love everyone there, they are truly more like family than doctors.

We went to eat and then to the Christmas Tree Shop. When we got home, I cleaned the back yard and driveway. Babe finished the lighting in the back porch.

After daddy and little guy fell asleep, big guy and I snuck downstairs to drink some chocolate milk, build a puzzle, drew flowers and trucks and had a picnic. It was fun! Before we went back to bed, we left love messages on the bathroom mirror so daddy could see them when he got up for work.

That was my past 4 days… I’m tired… But before I forget…. Funny thing. My big guy… When he reads the word duck, he says dick… And I cannot contain myself… He doesn’t get it, but it doesn’t stop it from being hilarious to me. Here is what he read today.


Okay…I may still lack maturity… But hey, you have to laugh sometimes.

Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,


Thursday, we went to the library and the boys made wreaths.



I helped my little guy, hence leaf overload because we put a leaf on every spot he put glue on, but I love them!!! I hung the wreathes both on my entrance doors! Sooo pretty, we then went to lunch at McDonald’s. I have been having cravings for egg Mcmuffins, which lucky for me, they serve breakfast all day.

I got a call that I can that I can pick up the van. Babe met me there, but had to leave. He asked me to tell them about the rubber inside the hood, that was not fixed. Now, I have common sense, which really pissed me off when the guy told me that the damage was already there and that the rubber had rotted.. I called Babe and he was angry because our car has no rust, it’s only 3 years old. So, he called and they quickly came back out and said they are going to fix it!

Alas, they will call me when they have the part and I will take it in then.

We went to Home Depot, bought a couple of things and had chicken sausage for dinner.

Friday, I called Verizon, and even though, I emailed them my bank statement and their payment confirmation, they made me go through every detail again, because they said they do not have any proof of payment. They also alerted me that they have to call me back  on Tuesday with instructions with a phone number where they want me to fax the information.  Right, like I’m dragging my pregnant butt to go fax anything with my two kids…

I took the boys to the museum  and made some friends. Came home, made rice, beans and chicken! My big guy showed daddy his reading skills, which impressed daddy, so my big guy did 4 lessons in a row, he’s so proud of himself. We enjoyed dinner and quiet time and to bed we went!

Today, we are taking it easy… Minus the birthday party we have at 6:30pm… That is all for today!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Trying Times

I opted for sleep last night instead of writing. I have been getting my patience tested by just about everyone and everything lately and sometimes it’s just hard not to lose my cool.

My internet bill came with a fee stating that I did not pay last month. I have both confirmation email and bank statement stating I did. Actually, I paid 2 months instead of one. But when I called, there was no proof of such payment. So, I decided to forward my confirmation and bank statement. FOUR TIMES, my email got erased… It’s very hard not to smash the computer. Positive: it FINALLY went through, so hopefully they can fix this.

We received a letter to let us know that our health  insurance information was stolen, but they are working on it. I don’t even know what this means, but there is absolutely nothing I can do about this, so why bother?

The house… I am slowing down on house work. Seriously, it’s getting very discouraging trying to do this work. This house is a lot better than when we bought it, I don’t see why I need to do more to sell it. It is driving me crazy! Other than the projects that we started, which really, are almost done. Positive: it is my haven.

The boys… I am trying to do fun things, but it seems to me like the more fun we have, the whining increases over everything. Nothing bugs me like crying over nothing. Heck, if I say “please hold on” I get a full on meltdown! I don’t even know. Maybe they are going through a moment of crazy. Positive: they are truly two beautiful, sweet boys and I wouldn’t trade them, not even for a day.

The husband… He put the siting up and some woodwork…he also cleaned the kitchen… Thank you Babe!

I made a cake and it didn’t turn out so good… Positive: cake is cake and it will be eaten.

My bladder hates me!!! So does my tailbone, my back and my hormones. Positive: my heart works just fine.

There was a mixup with the car insurance where they never put my claim in. But I wasn’t really aggravated because I knew it would get fixed. It did, I got an appointment tomorrow and may get a rental vehicle. Hopefully, an SUV.

I made a list and went to the grocery store, but once I got there… I felt lost and confused. Really, I didn’t know what to do after I got my cart. And even though I know the store well, I was lost. It didn’t feel nice at all. It took me a long time to get my 5 items. I don’t know. Positive: I got home safely.

Ultimately, I really appreciate everything and everyone in my life… Even when it tries my patience. But like Charles Swindoll says:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

With that said,
Sweet Dreams, Lots of Love,

Painting Madness

After I got off WordPress Tuesday, my Little Guys started to scream from his belly ache, which he never screams, so we took him the pediatrician. It was just gas.

I finished glazing the windows and put them to the side…then I cleaned out the cabinet by the bathroom (again) and left the bare necessities and packed the rest. Why do things take hours to do? I wish I could have just dumped everything in the trash because none of it could be donated. So now, we are lugging it to wherever we land next.

Babe painted the floor in the back porch and it looks nice.
Wednesday, I was in frantic state! I did the boys’ lesson and fed them. I wanted things done, so I painted the windows and I went into the bathroom and was painting the grout in the bathroom. It looks very nice, but I need to do more!!! So I’ll have to go to Home Depot for more Grout Pens. While, I did that, the boys made cards for Grace and Aunt Re. Then, I packed the boys for gymnastics, drove to Barnes & Noble to pick up a gift card for our Aunt Re. Went to Gymnastics where the boys were so funny and looked as darling as all of the other beginners. While my Big Guy was in class, I went to the bathroom and got dressed for Aunt Re’s Birthday party and then watched my Biggie finish his class.

We drove home and talked about how fun class was and how we are going to do it again. We got home, where a delicious Pizza with extra cheese was waiting for the boys. Of course, I had to eat a slice. Babe and I went and made on time for the surprise party at Rue Franklyn (fancy French Restaurant). It was very strange being there. Last Time I was there it was when I worked 7 1/2 years ago. I hated the owner so I though I would never come back! It is now owned by a friend of mine, but it was still strange.

I got to eat my heart out and had a great time with the bartender. They had all of this yummy stuff, that I am surprised I even touched. Escargot, foie gras, short bread, cheese puffs, stinky feet cheeses, and all of these desserts that made my mouth water. Alas, it was time to head home. I can’t forget to mention how I had fun!

After saying good bye and realizing that those danm pesky butter dishes I used to have to stuff, no longer bothered me anymore. I figured that for good old memory sake. I’d go into the kitchen and say hi to my friend (he used to be dessert man) in my loud cheery voice “Hiiiiiiiii CORY!!!!!!” Not sure of the seriousness of the situation, it was very nice to see that I can still put a smile on my serious friend, who at first, I thought hated my guts when we first me, lol. I caught up with the Big Boss Man and ended the night. Being greeted by my little loves and having a couple good laughs with my sweet cousin Grace. That’s all for now my friends.

Have a Beautiful Day,


Catch Up

My hub, has been taking overtime, I think he is getting anxious about affording a new baby. Sigh…I was really ready to go back to work, but I guess that’s not happening with my falling asleep while standing. I have been really anxious myself, but I don’t know truly what is going through my brain, if I did, I would definitely be writing more posts. 

We are keeping busy and I have thought over and over about calling my mom, but I just am not there…I told my friend at a party yesterday, but she is the best secret keeper ever! She was super excited, I love her…

I took the boys to the zoo today and later the bookstore, but I can’t say I remember much…I’m just so not in the moment, I’m off in sleepy land. Also in worry land…am I going to be a good mother of three? I’m having a hard time believing I’m good with two. I know my boys are sweet, respectful, considerate and just lovely, but i know I can do better. I mean, I get to stay home.

My house is a mess again, after all of this packing and unpacking and being out of the house, I have not caught up, which hopefully, since we are staying home, I will be able to clean up and get rid of some more stuff.

That is it for now.

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,


What’s Going On

So tired today, I actually took a nap. I love my kids, they will lay down next to me so I can sleep, but I treated them with a movie instead. They slept 2 days in a row in their room without a fuzz all night. So I had to reward them for being so big.

It has been busy, I am starting to teach my big to read. The first day, was rough because he didn’t want to do it, but after a talk with daddy, he realized that it goes quick and he can go back to playing after he is done, so now it is going smoothly. We went to the cabin in the woods for three days instead of three, I have been trying to slow down, so I can remain joyful of life. When you over schedule, you only think about what’s next instead of enjoying the moment. So I have slllllowed down.

Oddly, my belly has swelled a little bit, I’m going to blame it on gas, because I cannot stop burping (ugh)…it’s both strange and annoying, but while at a family party today, I kept my purse on and kept retrieving things I needed throughout the afternoon. Such as toys, napkins, pens, paper, cell phone, keys. Almost like the accessory I cannot live without, lol. Plus, I kept good posture and tummy tucked in just In case the purse wasn’t doing a good job. So far, no questions.

I still have been getting rid of stuff every day I am home, I just have not been blogging about it,( I’ve been too tired and having technical difficulties), but I have a long way to go.

Babe and I have decided that we need a bigger house since we are adding a new addition. I hope whatever we do, it has first floor laundry, unless the basement is finished. I have started looking, but already owning a house, I am no longer a rookie, so I know what I want and what to look for, so unfortunately, we cannot afford the house I want…lol. Hopefully, we can finish up fixing our house and move on… I don’t know when.

One thing I am having a hard time with is realizing that one of the boys cousin is not only bullying her sister, but my boys also. I’ve known that she has a mean streak, but what I found out was her being sneaky about it. And even if every adult is in the room, they don’t notice, but as soon as one of the kids stands up for themselves, this child makes such a spectacle and the other kids rather take punishment than speak up. I tried having the other adults to ask their child “why” things happened, but instead, they just punish their children. (Sigh) I don’t say anything because I get too angry, but I have scolded the child  when I have caught her hurting the other children. I do always hear both sides because it is the right thing to do. I just pray for patience, tolerance, and to not have to deal with this child. I just feel sorry for her sister, so prayers for her ability to stand up for herself, but also for this child to learn not to hurt others.

I have not been home much and my phone is telling me to get off WP, it freezes, won’t load pages, oh well, huh? I ever haven’t been able to load posts at times.

It is midnight, I’d like to go to sleep, so I leave you with this:

“Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Sweet Dreams, Great Day, Lots of Love,