Get Rid of if!!! Days 245-264


It has been 20 days since I have posted, but I have stopped getting rid of things. In fact every time I do laundry, I’ve been finding things that can be donated. This bag has 40 articles of clothing. Things we like but don’t wear, things that do not fit, things we no longer like, things that need to disappear out of our house! I keep putting them in this bag until full so we can donate it! It is full my friends!
Out to donation it will go! With the amount of things in there I have been getting rid of 2 things a day! Cool Huh?

Have you been getting rid of stuff?

Get Rid of it!!! Day 226

So it’s okay for me to skip days of getting rid of stuff because I have gotten rid of so much stuff…I got rid of over 100 books. I can’t even count the amount of clothes…shoes, knick knacks…just so much. This is day 226, that is crazy…but here is my Get Rid of it!!! Of today.


Bowling ball… That looks like a bagel with cream cheese on a bucket…Ha! Books, blanket a flask and other stuff…I don’t even know!

Get Rid of It!!! Day 222

Really, when I have gotten rid of over 365 things, but I love being able to donate things that I realize, I do not need.
I thought I took a photo, but I guess I didn’t. Today, I got rid of a pink tank top, an orange long sleeve and swear pants that never really fit me…. Off to donations…