Great 2017 Start?

I started this new year with a cold…I beat it, so all’s good. Baby has it, but Mama will take care of it and all will be well. 

Then we received some news… Apparently, our State found some error with my Hubs and his co-workers promotions. Hense, they are now considered temporary positions. Meanwhile, if they are to be demoted, they will lose seniority from their prior positions. While in their current position, they are not gaining any Seniority and those promoted after them will have greater seniority regardless of their lack of experience. But I’m positive it will all be resolved, right?

Following that, presents I ordered for 3 Kings Day, never showed up. So I had to trick the boys into thinking they come tomorrow morning so I could spend today shopping. At least we got it covered. 

Most current but not least stressful, while starting a fire in our fireplace, the vent must have been frozen shut, so smoke started coming inside the house and so did the flames. After the fire went out, I tried to open our windows, it broke. And although the fire died out before it caused real damage, there are scorched items, soot, and smoke smell in our home. Upside: the house is in one piece and so are we.

So, I am still going to say, it’s a great start to the year because we are healthy, we have each other and we have full bellies and shelter.

God is good! 

To a Good Year!!!

Local Draft

That is what my WP is full with. I have so many excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging, my main one being… Writer’s block, I start typing and blank. 

I have tons of things I can write about. I can log my weight loss, which really…I haven’t been losing because I’ve been stuffing my face and not exercising. I’m okay with it. Not complaining. 

I can write about the things I get rid of. Seriously, my house is a black whole. I get rid of a million things to make space, and my sweet husband brings a chair that covers half the house. But, I always forget to take photos, why? Because I don’t want to live with my phone in my hand. 

I can write about the food I’ve been making.. I made some awesome bruschetta and hummus with my new food processor that my wonderful guy got me for Christmas. But like I said, phone on hand.. Not lately. 

I can’t forget to mention that I keep just losing my phone for days on end. Why? Because I want freedom. I want to be beep free. Sometimes, I’d like a land line for old times sake. 

I can write about my children, but really, I’m just tired, comatose, exhausted. 

It’s all good though. Is 2017 now… HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE… I’m going to sleep. Sweet Dreams.

Hello, Hello


I could reflect on 2015…and I could start thinking about what I want to do this year, but I am not. Instead, I am enjoying the fact that after starting the new year with a tantrum from my little guy for keeping up too late, it all ended up in this very moment.


Blurry pic and all, I get to be the comfort of my Baby! I’ll think about tomorrow, tomorrow!

Happy New Year and Happy Every Day!!!

Starting the New Year

I woke up today after a great night sleep. My left side was stuffy and it was hard to get out of bed. No hangover here, but the feeling of stuffiness and no voice, made me lay in bed for a couple extra minutes! My in-laws spent the night, they slept on the couch. It was their fist time spending the night and my boys were delighted since the four of them fell asleep together and woke to have their Grandma and Papa over.

It was so nice to wake up and have them here. We had some coffee and toast. I think everyone was having their own issues. A hangover here, a little drunkenness left, a cold with some hangover and the stuffiness from a cold. Regardless, we sat together and drank coffee. Definitely a great way to start the new year if you ask me. Except for Papa, the boys kidnapped Papa like they usually do. All they way from upstairs, you hear Papa grunting like Frankenstein and the boys laughing hysterically. From all of the crashing you hear, you would swear that they are demolishing the house. But still, it is music to my ears.

It is cold outside…29 degrees. The wind is whipping and sometimes you can barely see outside from the snow dust whipping around. No, I am not going sledding today… So what to do?

So far, I send tons of Messages wishing everyone a Happy New Year and some love. I read some blogs, added an ‘About Me” page, unsuccessfully added a poll. I signed up for The Daily Post’s Blogging 101 course. I ordered a Pizza sub, Chicken Finger Sub and a Stinger from Mike’s Subs. The boys are learning to play some video games with Daddy. (Do not worry, we play like twice a year.) Now I am here writing this blog. So, it’s 3:38pm. and our subs are going to be here soon.

We are going to eat, clean up, and them I am going to turn on the music. We are going to get crazy, then we are going to finish coloring our super hero apples that we started yesterday, then cut it and assemble it so we can put it in our Wall of Awesomeness for everyone to see. We are going to Review the letters A-H and the numbers 1-20. Papa and Grandma are coming back over for dinner. After the kids are out of their showers, it will be story time and bed.

For me I will do an hour of Yoga and I will start to read the novel I wrote in November for my 30 day 50,000 word novel challenge. That will be my day!!! What are you doing with your first day of 2015?

Until Next Time,

Stay warm and cozy