Get Rid of It!!! Day 338

Sheesh, it has been tough being able to sit and focus on writing. My house is a ridiculous mess! But Babe has gotten the nesting bug and he had gotten rid of lots of things. I counted four bags of clothes, but there biggest things was our couch.


That is the bottom half, we had to disassemble it to get it out. We were going save it, but it was just crazy. So out it went.

The biggest clutter problem is paper, so I am going to table one month’s worth of mail and papers.


And to distract you from the mess, here’s a picture of my little monster.


Good night friends…

Get Rid of It!!! Day 300

Sadly, I do not have a photo today…but I have a list of things that went goodbye! 

Diaper Genie!!! I just got one as a hand me down, but I have no room for it and plus, that is what the garbage can is for.

Baby Bouncer: another hand me down, I ended up with 3 in a matter of days, but since I only need two, one for the cottage and one for home, one is going bye.

Spices: I actually had repeats of spices, so I consolidated and recycled the containers.

Kitchen Utensils: I cleaned three drawers today, I got rid of broken utensils, extra ones and ones I didn’t even know what they were.

Baby Bumbo like seat: as much as I would like to keep it, I have no room for it. 

Boxes: why is it that I end up hoarding boxes? It’s so strange how I go into a room and there is always some sort of box in it. I got rid of 6 today. If I wake up and I see a box, it means this house is haunted, lol.

Recycled or donated!!! Feels good!!! Now, instead of going to sleep, I am going to rearrange my splurged on Diaper bag my baby brain told me I must have, because it is the coolest diaper bag EVER!!! I am doing this only to divert my brain from the fact that my brand new laptop has a cracked screen and I have no idea why!!! Good thing I have insurance on it!

Declutter your life my friends!