Get Rid of it 2017!!!

The weather outside is frightful… The south towns got slammed with snow. We have a lot of chills and winds. So, we stayed in, we stayed in, we stayed in…

We seemlessly did school work today (miracle),  the boys played with remote control cars (for hours) they received from Grandma and Papa. Then watched Scooby-Doo and Harry Potter. I forget how long the movie is, but I couldn’t back out after I absentmindedly said yes

So…I did what I have been doing (but not blogging)… Getting rid of things!!! 

So… For those who have not read before, I had posted Get Rid Of It!!! For a whole year, I aimed to get rid of something every day to get rid of clutter. Now…***GOOD WARNING*** IT GETS ADDICTING. 

Although, I didn’t get a chance to do it every single day (I have somewhat of a life you know😉). Some days I went through closets and drawers and was able to get rid of boxes of things, making up for lost time plus more.

So, sometimes I just need to do certain things… For example, the cabinet next to the bathroom. It was so cluttered and really, I had cleared it up a year or two ago, so it was driving me crazy. It doesn’t seem like much, but I got rid of two bags full of stuff. 

That is the second one… I thought, I can post this (I’m brilliant). Notice… Those are tickets to Disney on Ice that we went to last January. Reminds me that I should do that this year. We really enjoyed it. 

Then while my mind is going nuts about how I want to get rid of more and more and more. I turned into our freshly washed (not) laundry baskets. 


Yes, that is exciting! I am no longer attached to 500 baby items (must be a third baby over it type of thing). Plus bye-bye pregnancy clothes, plus bye clothes that I just bought but I lost more weight clothes. I feel accomplished.

I have to say, I’m a happy joy-joy person today. Which reminds me of Joyfully Mom who has the awesome blog Joyfull Inspirations. Check her out, her blog is full of recipies on Gluten Free goodness, healthy living and lots and lots of LOVE. I kid you NOT!!! You read her stuff even after a bad, horrible day and you wish you could grab her face and kiss it through the screen from her positivity dose.

Anyway, yeah…It is late and the man of the house shall be home soon, (I hope he brings some yummy food home cause he loves me lots).  So, I would love to give him my undivided attention and have a beer ready for him (because I love him lots).  

So, I’ll leave you with this…

Anything you do for anyone and yourself, do it with lots of LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! 


Get Rid of It!!! Day 300

Sadly, I do not have a photo today…but I have a list of things that went goodbye! 

Diaper Genie!!! I just got one as a hand me down, but I have no room for it and plus, that is what the garbage can is for.

Baby Bouncer: another hand me down, I ended up with 3 in a matter of days, but since I only need two, one for the cottage and one for home, one is going bye.

Spices: I actually had repeats of spices, so I consolidated and recycled the containers.

Kitchen Utensils: I cleaned three drawers today, I got rid of broken utensils, extra ones and ones I didn’t even know what they were.

Baby Bumbo like seat: as much as I would like to keep it, I have no room for it. 

Boxes: why is it that I end up hoarding boxes? It’s so strange how I go into a room and there is always some sort of box in it. I got rid of 6 today. If I wake up and I see a box, it means this house is haunted, lol.

Recycled or donated!!! Feels good!!! Now, instead of going to sleep, I am going to rearrange my splurged on Diaper bag my baby brain told me I must have, because it is the coolest diaper bag EVER!!! I am doing this only to divert my brain from the fact that my brand new laptop has a cracked screen and I have no idea why!!! Good thing I have insurance on it!

Declutter your life my friends!

Get Rid if It!!! Day 298

20 days and so many things I have gotten rid of. Not all of these days, but today alone!

We all know that pregnancy can make you all sorts of crazy! I woke up yesterday at 5am with the urge of cleaning the house from top to bottom, but truly, my body hurts and is so exhausted that I just layed there till 12pm. I really needed it.

Today, I woke up at 8, got out of bed, stayed on the couch for 2 hours and then went on a crazy mission.

I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom with peppermint Castile soap. Then on my way to finding the curtain rod for the bathroom, I cleaned a closet. Got rid of some, trash and some clothes.

While I did that, babe went to the back porch where he got rid of a ton of boxes from Christmas since I had most presents ordered from I went into the baby room and got rid of more trash and boxes. And Babe got rid of drinking glasses that were cluttering our cabinets.

Our coffeemaker broke so we replaced it with a Keurig! Bye Mr. Coffee!

Then it was time for a chiropractor appointment, so here I am while the boys get adjusted.

I can get rid of more, but maybe another day. My body still feels like it took a pounding. I wish though that I could be like Flash and finish this!

Get Rid of if!!! Days 245-264


It has been 20 days since I have posted, but I have stopped getting rid of things. In fact every time I do laundry, I’ve been finding things that can be donated. This bag has 40 articles of clothing. Things we like but don’t wear, things that do not fit, things we no longer like, things that need to disappear out of our house! I keep putting them in this bag until full so we can donate it! It is full my friends!
Out to donation it will go! With the amount of things in there I have been getting rid of 2 things a day! Cool Huh?

Have you been getting rid of stuff?

Get Rid of it!!! Day 226

So it’s okay for me to skip days of getting rid of stuff because I have gotten rid of so much stuff…I got rid of over 100 books. I can’t even count the amount of clothes…shoes, knick knacks…just so much. This is day 226, that is crazy…but here is my Get Rid of it!!! Of today.


Bowling ball… That looks like a bagel with cream cheese on a bucket…Ha! Books, blanket a flask and other stuff…I don’t even know!

Get Rid of It!!! Day 222

Really, when I have gotten rid of over 365 things, but I love being able to donate things that I realize, I do not need.
I thought I took a photo, but I guess I didn’t. Today, I got rid of a pink tank top, an orange long sleeve and swear pants that never really fit me…. Off to donations…