Where is it?!?

When you own too much stuff, you cannot find a thing. We own way too many clothes. Yesterday, while trying to look for the boys underwear, I grabbed a bag. I started to put things in it.

Clothes 3T and under,  things that were faded, things that did not fit right. At the same time I folded and put things in shelves. The boys have more clothes than my husband and I.

I got rid of maternity clothes, anything I might have stretched out, and things that do not make me feel pretty. Anything with stains, rips or stitching issues.

After all said and done…


Three garbage bags full of clothes. I also made a bag full of “see you at the next house” clothes.

My mentality is that I don’t want to have mountains of clothes and also, I don’t want to move all of these clothes into the new house.

Great thing is, we are going to drop these off at the church drop box and it’s going to feel good!

Do you have to many clothes?