Binge Laundering

All of the laundry was thrown in baskets on the basement floor. It’s clean, but the mess..I couldn’t find anything, especially baby clothes. I just cant seem to grasp the amount of clothes we own and wear. But I brought them up and decided to tackle it all at once.

Ahhhhhh, my eye twitches when I see this…so I grabbed a garbage bag to put in the items that no longer fit. Oooooff to donation!!!

It felt so good to put this pile I the bag and I went back for more…

Pile #2 baby blankies, shirts, pants, dresses. A little bit of everything. Then there was a little bit more…

The days of matching pajamas are over for my boys. They like their own things now. Makes me sad as I see the reindeer pajamas which make me want to dig them back up. I figured two and a half 13 pound bags was the possible limit. But then, there was more. All I could think is…

This is ridiculous!

I was done taking photos, my brain is in a coma from all of the folding. Ahhh!

I have filled the 3rd bag. The boys are growing, I’m shrinking. Baby weight is almost all off. Yay, ME!

But guess what? All of that is going to be out if my house. What do you say guys?

Want to go Binge Laundering?


Kick it to the Curb

I just love his face… This is his new look when he gets spooked, sad, blowing raspberries or is thinking. 

Anyway, I had baby things I was going to give my sister for her baby, but due to her loss, I still had them.

 I had a swing, pack and play, a bassinets and a diaper genie. All just taking space in my house.
I really didn’t have the time or energy to be lugging things around to a consignment shop. I didn’t want money, and places here like the Salvation Army won’t take baby things due to safety. So, I put them out on the curb.

I didn’t throw them away, I put them out to see if people would take them. Not even one hour passed and it was all gone! I call that a win-win situation. You get rid of something while helping someone else.

Now, my gears are turning. What else can I put on the curb on garbage day?

Get Rid of it Turned 1!!!

And I missed it!!! By 20 days exactly!!! Oh, I haven’t stopped getting rid of things, I just haven’t been talking photos nor logging it… With a new baby and everything that went on with my father on law’s heart surgery, me having the obnoxious dog, my body and mind being absolutely beat up… My blogging took a back seat…

One year of getting rid of one unneeded thing or more!!! I still did it…I did more that 365 things…

One way to get rid of clutter is to get rid of things you don’t need, try keeping things simple and to stop buying things just because.

Although, this chapter is now closed… Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop getting rid of things… I’m not going to stop until I have only what I need.

The End.