Oh, so I have not been on here… I am really tired… I need a vacation… So we decided to take one because our sister in law convinced us to meet her, not that we needed much convincing…

In a matter of days, I packed our bags and yesterday, we took off, so vacation started this morning.


We spent the night at the Holiday Express… We started with morning cartoons and a delicious breakfast


On and on we drove until we made it to Hilton Head… Doodle help with his little brother. I can tell he’s going to be a great dad some day.


Hilton Head Island… Oh how fun… And so the fun begins… We got here and I get to sleep with Cookie and Doodle.


I get to take a before tan photo…


And at the end, I take another… But for now, I must sleep.

Good night…


I have read the next chapter, but for some reason, my brain cannot comprehend what I’m reading. It’s called exhaustion! But I have been conscious of my actions towards my boys.

When I feel that I am getting frustrated with them. I stop, take a deep breath and then address them calmly. But I have lost my patience.

For example, we went to Old Navy because I had a coupon. While looking at some clothes, my big guy asked me for some sandals, but I told him that I was going to wait until after their party, just in case someone bought him sandals. So he started repeating “I want sandals, I want sandals…” Over and over again and I scolded him because I felt in my head, like I had no room to think. Not to even ask him nicely to please stop. So I was aggravated and so for the next 10 minutes or so, I scolded them, for touching, moving away from me, for playing near a sharp corner… (Sigh).

I then stopped, took a deep breath and decided that we were going to have a good day… And we did.

I am also trying to adopt the ‘you only live once’ mentality. So we have been staying up a little late, eating some junk food, going out more, enjoying life a little more. The biggest one is saying “yes” to going on vacation with my sister in-law.

I have been looking forward to a vacation with my just my boys. But after all of the stress we have been through, I said to my husband…”YOLO!!!”and he responded with “YOLO!!!”

So, in 6 days, we are going to go to Hilton Head to sit on the beach and do NOTHING!

The boys need this also… I hope they understand some day, how hard we are trying to be better people for them. I hope they know how much we love them.

Hilton Head!!! Day 9

Wednesday, my sister in law had a day planned with some old friend, so we decided to stay behind. We went to the beach and had a great time.

We managed to find quite a few cool things.


Let me start with saying that we are gentle with all creatures and we send them home. We found a fish which we learned are buried in the sand and they blow bubbles. The crab played dead for a while and then ran away out of nowhere, it was funny. Two hermit crabs were roaming about and slugs were out on low tide.

The most fun thing was the sand dollar! For the first time, I was able to spot the bump in the sand and dug them up. Aren’t they beautiful?

The boys had a ton of fun.


Daddy knows many things and he shows the boys a lot of interesting things.


We were able to find empty shells and dead sand dollars. The frog is a toy, just in case you were wondering.

After a long day at the beach, the boys swam in the pool and then we went to eat at the Skull Creek Boathouse. I had Seafood Chowder and coconut almond shrimp. Delicious!

After all of that fun and the great food. We went home and had a wonderful night sleep.

Until Next Time My Friend,

What is your favorite seafood dish?

Hilton Head!!! Day 8

How I love the ocean! The smell of the salt water, the sound of the waves, the beauty of it! Although…do not ask me to go swimming in it…lol.


It is so relaxing. We have thought of the possibility of moving down here. We can breath better, my husband does not get head aches here, I don’t get bone aches from the cold and snow just sucks. But we would need to find jobs…an affordable home. I don’t care if we are an hour from the beach, as long as we can get there.

That’s what we talked about on our little getaway. We left the kids at the beach with the in-laws while we went for coffee and hummus at the Market Cafe.

We walked pointing at all the beautiful places on sale that we wish we could afford. I do not want to wait till retirement to move here. Alas, we will figure something out.

I sat at the beach looking at my what I hope is a food belly from all of theĀ  eating I have been doing. How much I am looking forward to yoga on Saturday!

I had cooking duty today, so I made Spanish rice and beans with a whole roasted chicken. I decided to have some cheap vino juice.


While everyone was at the beach then at the swimming pool. My little guy and I did spend some time eating cookies and M&M’s.

Everyone loved my dinner! The kids ate it which is awesome!

It did get loud and so I put my headphones on and listened to music. Then I broke away after dinner and watched TV shows about Boston Marathon Survivors.

(It has been two years since the attack. Almost 300 people injured some lost limbs, three lost their lives. If you would like to help go click here.)

But now to bed I must go.

Until Next Time My Friend,

Support Boston!

Hilton Head!!! Day 7

Monday was sort of a hectic morning, I fed 4 kids and tried to get ready. It is hard trying to get ready with 5 kids running in and it off your room, constantly asking for something.

The boys have been having their issues with the girls, my little guy is starting to stand up for himself, which thankfully, Grandma pointed out that there was a reason why he was upset. I should know better… I tend to make my kids wait in order not to hear the piercing cries of another child, which is wrong. I need to validate their feeling and other kids should not take advantage of their generosity. So I have been paying close attention and making sure the children are not abusing each other.

We went to Sea Pines Nature Center in the search of AHHHHHHLIGATORS!


To the right is one!


There are two there!

Our trip was cut short, one of the kids pooped and did not have extra clothes.
So we went to the cottage where my big guy needed a break so he hung out with daddy inside and my little guy and I went swimming in the pool.

We ordered Mexican food from Amigos where I shared a burrito with Papa. I love sharing food. With full bellies… There was a couple of tantrums from one of mine and one not from mine… We went to bed and I missed WWE because I zonked out.

Until Next Time My Friend,

Have you gone on vacation with your in laws?

Hilton Head!!! Day 5&6

Saturday was supposes to be a rainy, yucky day. We figured that since it was not raining, we’d check out the the beach!

It was comfortable, so we stayed all day at the beach. We saw dolphins really close TWICE!!! I had a moment of pure excitement until I saw a jelly fish, then I ran to the shore as if it was chasing me, come to find out…it was dead. 😂a crab was eating it.

After getting in for the night, we realized that we fried to a crisp, my fair skinned boy was red in the face in spite of having sun screen on and my husband who asked me to apply it to his back…had burn spots. While he sarcastically thanked me for putting sun screen on him, I pointed out that everyone had multiple layers of it on and still burned. Needless to say, we bought a new bottle.

Sunday, was supposed to be sunny, instead it sprinkled here and there. My sis in law had guests and so it was a pool day!

The kids played well with my big guy. My little guys played by himself, he’s good at that.

We feastedĀ  on good ol’ American food. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and then called it a night!

The boys have had a great time! I miss my home, just not the weather!

Until Next Time My Friend,

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Hilton Head!!! Day 2


Here I am in my paleness starting the day at the beach. Very exciting day! First off, if you want to see me squeal like a teenager at a Justin Bierber concert. All you have to do is say dolphin.
That is exactly what happened. And there they were swimming and there I was squealing with excitement. I tried to photograph them, but no luck. But that’s okay, it was so cool to see them. Then, as the tide got lower, I found these.


Tons of baby clams! The kids got a real kick out of watching them bury themselves back in the sand. And then, we saw a baby stingray! Cutest thing ever. Then we found this…


A stone crab. We named it Rosie Michael since we didn’t know what it was and then watched him for a while.
So far, it’s been an awesome trip! A little sun burn, buy it’s all good. Look at these faces.



Until next time my friend,

I wonder if we’ll see dolphins again…

Hilton Head!!! Day 1

I do not even know how I am doing this.I should be in a coma. After 20 hours of driving, bathroom breaks, child mental breaks and mental breaks off my own, we finally made it!


This is me barely conscious in our vroom, vroom van after what felt like an eternity of driving.


Here are my boys at one of our breaks.


My boys love me! They always pick flowers for me. After unpacking, my big guy feel right on his face causing a bloody nose and now has a fat lip. After all of the exhaustion. It all of for this moment.


The moment when my boys run to the ocean and laugh because it is most definitely their favorite place in the world.

After some ocean time, they went swimming in the pool while I made shrimp salad, yum! We ate, I cleaned up and now I am writing here. Good day, but tomorrow will be better.

Until Next Time My Friend,

Where is your favorite vacation/holiday spot?


So while driving through Pennsylvania, we added radiator fluid because it was low. But ended up finding out that we put the wrong one in and it may turn to Jell-O and ruin our engine. So, here we are at Walmart at 1am trying to find something to drain the fluid out. But my husband came out empty handed.😱


I don’t know if this is a good start to our trip. Lol

Update: we found on the back of the bottle that it was a universal coolant, so we are good to go. Lol

Until Next Time My Friend,

Wish us luck!

Washington Day 2 Ahhhhh!!

So apparently the whole post I did disappeared. Day 2 was an absolute disaster. Big boy had a fever, we took to the clinic which took forever.

Then my Little guy started throwing up and it was all over us, it rained on us and we ended up taking the wrong train back so we got back a lot later.

So today, we are debating on letting the boys rest and going home tomorrow.

Until Next Time,

Today will be a better day.