So I wake up to two text images…



“Wow, Sucks to be that guy!” Babe sends me photos of all kinds of crazy things that happen at work, but if I would have looked closer, I would have realized that this is OUR truck in the sink hole!

Well, thankfully… He’s okay…. The truck on the other hand, may be a total loss. We shall find out tomorrow.

It’s a cold, rainy morning… I figured We’d get some bagels, go to the bookstore and then go to Baby’s R Us to look at the toys and to buy baby a cute outfit I saw the other day. As I am parking this is what happens…



I pressed the accelerator instead of the break!!! My first car accident ever and it was the dumbest, most ridiculous thing ever. Now when I call babe at work, he’s trying so hard to be cool even though, his truck is a mess, they have him the wrong coffee order, he was soaked from standing in the rain waiting for help… And here I go calling him to tell him I rammed a parked car.

He just laughed because what else can he do? Of course he knew we were okay. He just said… “It’s one of those days, go home watch movies all day and stay safe.”

The owner of the vehicle was just a sweet man. And the police officer gave us our report and I went home.

I put a movie on, and started to paint the hallway. Had to get something off the list to deal with my crazy emotional issues I was having. I kept thinking, “how the heck did that happen?”

I called gymnastics to let them know that we were not coming to class today. Then, babe got home with a rental. It was an upgrade from what we had…a 2014 FORD F150.

We ordered food, watched Insurgent and called it a night. I hope tomorrow is better…


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